Life StyleIran's Health Ministry Warns About Ageing Population 

Iran’s Health Ministry Warns About Ageing Population 

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Iran’s Deputy Health Minister, Hossein Farshidi, warns that the country’s ageing population will double within 20 years, a demographic shift occurring faster than in many developed nations.

This trend results from increased global life expectancy and reduced fertility rates in the 20th century. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, aims to raise the shrinking population to 150 million, but birth rates have steadily declined.

The healthcare system limited screening tests, abortions, and family planning programs over the last decade, leading to closures of clinics providing these services. The challenge lies in addressing this demographic shift while addressing the government’s population goals.

The United Nations forecast for 2050 shows that four regions of North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia (Iran), and Oceania (New Zealand) will have an ageing population over 30 percent, which is different from Western countries in this area.

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