NewsSmart Salem Launches Advanced Microbiome Testing

Smart Salem Launches Advanced Microbiome Testing

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Dubai- 25 June 2024- UAE residents and visitors can now get an unrivalled view of their gut microbiome thanks to new testing launched by government-accredited medical center Smart Salem.

A survey by Smart Salem, which is a partnership between Dubai Health and Klea Holding (formerly Visiomed Group), found that while gut health is a prominent concern for people in the UAE – with 75% saying it’s extremely important to them and almost two thirds (62%) suffering gut health symptoms every week – only 2% have ever done a gut microbiome test.

The survey also found that 8 out of 10 people think they are not doing enough, or are not sure if they are doing enough, to protect and enhance their gut health.

Smart Salem’s CEO Amanda Gravitis said launching the advanced gut health testing is part of their mission to improve societal health and well-being in the UAE. “The importance of gut health has been the subject of in-depth research over the last decade and we now know that a healthy gut microbiome is a key factor in our overall health. Launching this cutting-edge gut health analysis gives people in the UAE who suffer from gut health issues the opportunity to get more in-depth answers.”

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Applying AI-powered metagenomic whole-genome shotgun sequencing (which detects all DNA present in the sample), the test provides a comprehensive insight into overall health including the potential of the genes in your gut to produce metabolites that influence health, both positively and negatively.

Smart Salem’s Clinical Dietician Helen Conway added, “A healthy gut is crucial to your immune system, however until recently it was difficult to get an in-depth view of individual gut health to identify any microbial imbalance. With this advanced testing we are now able to help people protect and enhance their gut microbiome in a sustainable way, with significant impacts to their overall health and wellbeing, which is really exciting.”

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