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More than 14,000 medicines coded under Dubai Drug Code

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates- January 2024- Dubai Health Authority (DHA) has announced that it has coded over 14,000 medicines in the UAE using the Dubai Drug Code (DDC), which was launched by the Authority 3 years ago. This coding aligns with the latest international technologies and standards, supporting the DHA’s future efforts to achieve optimal health sustainability.

DHA announced this at the ongoing Dubai International Pharmaceutical and Technology Conference and Exhibition (DUPHAT).

Saleh Al Hashimi, CEO of Dubai Health Insurance Corporation at the Authority, stated, “The Dubai Drug Code (DDC) aims to sustain the availability of medicines and pharmaceuticals, enhance patient access, and provide high accuracy in monitoring and studying future needs. This system is crucial not only for the Authority but for the entire health sector in Dubai.”

DHA’s Pharmacy Services department maintains a comprehensive list of all registered drugs known as the Dubai Drug Code (DDC) List. The DDC structure assigns a unique DDC code to each registered drug, enabling differentiation based on details like route of administration (ROA), dosage, form, pack size, price, manufacturer, registered owner, and source. This system enhances patients’ access to their medicines and prevents the presence of counterfeit medication in the local pharmaceutical market.

He added, “The Tarmeez system also aims to enhance the DHA’s ability to implement and manage drug policy and economics. It facilitates the flow of pharmaceutical information, enhances transparency and competition in selecting various pharmaceutical care products, improves pharmaceutical quality rates for facilities and healthcare providers, and ensures that patients receive high-quality medicines. Additionally, it contributes to controlling the pharmaceutical market in the country, preventing manipulation of quality and prices, and strengthening the pricing rules of the Ministry of Health and Prevention.”

He pointed out that upon the launch of the “Tarmeez” system, the Authority had successfully linked this advanced system with 225 leading international and local companies in the pharmaceutical and medical supplies industry. This linkage has simplified procedures for dealing with all companies and has enabled the Authority to track the expiry dates of medicines and medical supplies more accurately.

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Further, Al Hashimi concluded by stressing that the Dubai Health Authority is continuing to develop the “Tarmeez” system through global developments and within the Authority’s future directions, which aim to strengthen the health sector in Dubai and position it at the forefront of global health systems.

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