Innovation & TechCleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Performs Region's First Robotic VTOS Surgery

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi Performs Region’s First Robotic VTOS Surgery

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Abu Dhabi, UAE- Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, a member of the M42 network, proudly announces the successful completion of an advanced robotic rib resection and venolysis procedure (Surgery) for venous thoracic outlet syndrome (VTOS) in the UAE. The two-to-three-hour procedure, performed on a 22-year-old female patient, signifies a leap in minimally invasive robotic techniques, a rarity globally for this specific surgery.

Traditionally, surgeries for VTOS involve large incisions in the upper chest, resulting in extended healing times and visible scarring. Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s innovative approach utilized three one-centimeter incisions on the patient’s back, removing the problematic part of the first rib and causing vein compression. This not only left no visible scars but also ensured a virtually pain-free experience for the patient, without compromising clinical outcomes. The hospital discharged the patient after a stay of only two nights.

The compression of the subclavian vein marks VTOS, a rare condition that affects one to two individuals per 100,000. Often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, it commonly impacts young, active individuals engaged in repetitive arm movements, such as athletes or those with jobs requiring repetitive arm and shoulder motions. Symptoms include recurrent venous thrombosis, arm pain, exercise-related thrombosis, arm swelling, discoloration, and limb heaviness.

Dr. Houssam Younes, Staff Physician in the Heart, Vascular, & Thoracic Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi commented, “A person is more likely to get VTOS if they have a naturally narrow passageway for the subclavian vein. Research shows that if a patient receives treatment within the first 14 days of symptoms appearing, the chances of a successful outcome significantly increase. Medication to dissolve blood clots is typically administered as a primary treatment, with surgery being considered in severe cases to widen the area around the subclavian vein.”

Dr. Usman Ahmad, Department Chair of Thoracic Surgery in the Heart, Vascular & Thoracic Institute at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, said, “This minimally invasive technique offered at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi allows for precise and targeted treatment, resulting in improved outcomes and faster recovery times for patients suffering from VTOS. The use of robotic technology has revolutionized the way we approach complex vascular conditions like VTOS. By utilizing this advanced technique, we can provide our patients with superior care, and deliver outcomes that were previously unattainable, allowing us to offer accessible healthcare to the community and wider region.’’

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Moreover, The success of this progressive procedure reasserts Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s commitment to advancing medical practices and establishes its position as a leading destination in the regional medical landscape. With contemporary facilities, highly trained teams, and a patient-centric approach, Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi continues to set new standards in healthcare excellence.

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