NewsBIOFLEX and AGBL Collaborate for Healthcare Advancement

BIOFLEX and AGBL Collaborate for Healthcare Advancement

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Ottawa, Canada- Meditech International Inc. (BIOFLEX), a leading innovator in Photobiomodulation, is excited to announce an exclusive partnership with Alliance Global FZ LLC (AGBL), a prominent biomedical gateway in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This collaboration is set to expand the reach of BIOFLEX’s latest Photobiomodulation devices across the Gulf region, South Asia, Levant, North, West, and East Africa, making them more accessible to healthcare providers and patients.
BIOFLEX is a prime mover in Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT), known for its diverse benefits, including pain relief, reduced swelling, enhanced recovery, and increased range of motion. It is a non-invasive, non-toxic approach widely used worldwide for injury recovery, pain management, and improved physical performance.
Moreover, This partnership brings together BIOFLEX’s top front devices with AGBL’s distribution network and healthcare expertise, aiming to rejuvenate the healthcare landscape by providing access to advanced medical technology.
Commenting on the partnership, CEO of BIOFLEX Nicholas Olteanu stated, “We are excited to join forces with AGBL and take this significant step towards enhancing healthcare in the MENA region and beyond. Our commitment to innovation, coupled with AGBL’s extensive market reach and expertise, will enable us to serve healthcare providers and patients better than ever before.”
Fady Al Assaly, AGBL Group Vice President of Sales added, ” We are immensely excited about this partnership, AGBL’s mission has always been to improve lives through science, and this partnership will allow us to make this revolutionary photobiomodulation technology accessible to people across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, improving lives and enhancing the well-being of countless individuals.”.
Furthermore, This partnership signifies an important milestone in the MENA region’s healthcare sector, promising improved access to leading-edge medical devices and a brighter future for patients and healthcare providers.

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