LeadWHO Calls for Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire for Essential Medical Supplies to Gaza...

WHO Calls for Immediate Humanitarian Ceasefire for Essential Medical Supplies to Gaza Hospitals

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The World Health Organization (WHO) faces ongoing challenges in distributing fuel and life-saving medical supplies to major hospitals in northern Gaza due to security concerns. In response, WHO has urgently called for a humanitarian ceasefire to facilitate safe deliveries of health supplies and fuel across the Gaza Strip.
Critical healthcare facilities in northern Gaza, such as Al-Shifa Hospital, are awaiting vital supplies and fuel. Al-Shifa is already operating at nearly full capacity with bed occupancy at 150%. The Indonesian Hospital had to reduce its services due to a lack of fuel, leading to limited functionality. Meanwhile, the Turkish Friendship Hospital, the sole oncology hospital in Gaza, is partially operational due to fuel shortages, endangering approximately 2000 cancer patients.

Hospitals Shutdown

Six hospitals across the Gaza Strip have closed due to damage and attacks, with an additional six at risk of shutting down if immediate action is not taken. Power outages disrupt essential services, endangering thousands of vulnerable patients, including those dependent on dialysis, premature babies, and surgery candidates, with life-threatening complications.

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WHO, with support from UNRWA, recently delivered 34,000 liters of fuel to four major hospitals in southern Gaza and the Palestine Red Crescent Society to sustain ambulance services. However, this supply can only keep ambulances and essential hospital functions running for slightly over 24 hours.
Some of WHO’s medicines and health supplies have reached four key hospitals in southern Gaza, providing critical relief to healthcare professionals who have been performing surgeries without anesthesia or basic surgical supplies.
For the people of Gaza, the situation is dire, and it could become catastrophic without the safe and continuous delivery of fuel and health supplies, in addition to further humanitarian aid. WHO reiterates its plea for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire to ensure the safe passage of essential medical supplies and fuel throughout the Gaza Strip.

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