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St. George’s University School of Medicine Inspires UAE High School Students in Medical Exploration

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Dubai, UAE – St. George’s University School of Medicine (SGU), in its continuous commitment to nurturing future medical professionals, recently organized a clinical workshop as part of its Mini-Med Program. The event, held at the Indigo Hotel in Dubai on November 18, brought together 20 enthusiastic high school students from the UAE.

Crafted to guide and inspire students passionate about a medical career, the workshop provided valuable insights and hands-on experiences. Attendees engaged directly with SGU faculty, gaining a comprehensive understanding of medical education and the practical aspects of practitioners’ lives.

The workshop commenced with an enlightening lecture covering pivotal subjects, including the history and evolution of medicine. Two hands-on training sessions followed, allowing students to develop practical skills essential for a medical profession.

Moreover, In the first session, students learned fundamental techniques for accurately measuring and recording blood pressure – a crucial skill in patient care. The second session focused on suturing. It provided students with hands-on experience in stitching methods, wound assessment, and aftercare—essential aspects of surgical procedures.

Interactive elements featured a medical quiz. A Q&A segment offered students a deeper insight into SGU and potential career paths in the medical field. Participants who completed the clinical workshop received a certificate of completion, recognizing their dedication to exploring the medical profession.

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Jeeya Mahajan, a grade 12 student, reflected, “This was my first workshop with St. George’s University (SGU), and I can positively say it was an amazing experience. I learned a lot about SGU, while getting involved with a variety of fun activities. “I see myself as a surgeon in the future so having the chance to be taught by an actual doctor during the suturing activity was exciting – I enjoyed this activity the most. There aren’t many clinical opportunities for high school students to get hands-on training, so this workshop really gave me an insight as a young student. “Overall, this experience has helped me prepare for my future, and I highly recommend it to other high school students. It helped me decide that medicine is the right path for me.”

Furthermore, Part of the Mini-Med Series, SGU’s program aims to empower aspiring medical students through theory-based learning and practical experiences, providing a unique opportunity for young minds to explore the medical profession.

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