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Medical School: Essential Tips for Maintaining Balance and Achieving Excellence

Daya Mani Jacob, Medical Student, Gulf Medical University, UAE

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One minute you may be in the operating room observing a surgery, next moment you are talking to a patient in the clinic. Life is unpredictable and so is medical school. So how does one maintain a routine and keep themselves sane throughout the whole journey?  

Wake up in the morning, first thing make your bed, don’t check your phone before you brush your teeth. Check your phone for only 5 minutes in the morning when you wake up and only 5 minutes in the night before you sleep. During the day, put time limits on apps that you love to use. For me, it’s Instagram so I put a daily time limit of 1 hour on my phone for the days that I go to the hospital.

A structured routine is helpful when the day is busy and there is so much to study. Have multiple mini breaks between hourly blocked study sessions. Study whenever you are free in the hospital. Every day study any topic, at least do 1 hour of study each day. Please don’t sacrifice sleep. It’s vital for you. Exams are usually intense as they cover a vast amount of information, so consistent focused preparation will prevent last-minute cramming.  

It can be hard and stressful sometimes. Incorporate self-care into your routine, try to do physical activity, listen to your body, go for a walk, meditate, try new hobbies, and de-stress however you want to Mental well-being should be your utmost priority.

Have nutritious meals, it’s hard if your hospital has tasty, processed food but go for the boring broccoli or beetroot if it’s an available option. It will keep you full longer or your stomach may growl!

Please keep track of all your deadlines, either have a checklist app on your phone or keep note of it in your handy dandy notebook. Don’t forget to submit assignments on time.

Remember to seize every opportunity, if you do that, then prioritize, do the things that are your priority then other things. Try to prioritize and do your best with the challenges that come along your path. Have fun along the way. Be grateful for each day and live each day like it’s your last.

Good luck, rooting for you!

Daya Mani Jacob

Medical Student
Gulf Medical University, UAE

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