ResearchNew Research by SGU Faculty Could Impact Global Heart Health Treatments

New Research by SGU Faculty Could Impact Global Heart Health Treatments

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Dubai, UAE- April 2024- Dr. Rohit Mishra and Dr. Aishwarya Singh, two faculty members at St. George’s University (SGU), School of Medicine in the Caribbean have concluded research that could impact heart health, and associated treatments, on a global level.
The research program evaluated the benefits and risks of beta blockers – a class of medications used to manage abnormal heart rhythms and prevent heart attacks from recurring.

The results and findings offer hope to those suffering with heart problems, alongside other co-existing conditions, that beta blockers can be a recommended treatment option. However, the effectiveness of the medicine can differ from one person to the other based on factors such as medical history and gender.

Findings of the research were published in a book by the duo, titled “Beta Blocker: Its Effect and Safety” affirming the safety of beta-blockers, specifically in patients experiencing hypertension (high blood pressure), diabetes, anxiety, and other illnesses.

According to the Journal of Current Problems in Cardiology, the burden of cardiovascular disease has decreased in the region, but there remains a considerable death and morbidity rate, especially from ischemic heart disease (heart muscle weakening caused by reduced blood flow). The research findings from this book will help educate the public and patients on the effectiveness of different beta blockers in treating heart diseases on males and females of different age groups.

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Dr. Rohit Mishra, Assistant Professor of Pathology at St. George’s University, School of Medicine commented: “The research, subsequently published in our book, helps give patients and doctors an idea of the medicine’s efficacy and benefits. I was diagnosed with hypertension at an early age and took beta blockers. That has inspired my journey into educating the public about this treatment option and its effectiveness on the different age groups and genders. However, patients should never use beta blockers without the supervision of a physician.”

Dr. Aishwarya Singh, Assistant Professor of Pathology at St. George’s University, School of Medicine said: “We wanted our efforts to also help bridge the gap between research on beta blockers and the pressing issue of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) being the leading cause of death globally, including the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). While beta blockers are primarily used for cardio-related illnesses such as heart failure, they are also used for treating migraines and glaucoma (nerve damage causing vision loss), and we hope our book will stimulate further conversations among global medical professionals.”

Dr. Mishra is an accomplished medical professional with a distinguished career as a highly regarded physician and educator from India. Dr. Mishra has focused primarily on treating hypertensive patients as a practicing physician. Driven by a passion for medical education, Dr. Mishra is currently an Assistant Professor of Pathology at SGU, teaching medical students. He is also serving on the editorial boards of two international journals and has actively contributed to the dissemination of medical knowledge through the publication of numerous research articles.

Dr. Singh is an esteemed medical professional with a diverse background, bringing a wealth of expertise to the healthcare landscape. He holds the prestigious title of Medical Doctor (MD) from China and has made significant contributions to the medical field through years of dedicated clinical experience, particularly in the management and treatment of hypertensive patients. Dr. Singh moved to SGU, Grenada as an Assistant Professor of Pathology, to fulfill her commitment to teaching medical students. He has contributed to the academic landscape through publishing many research articles.

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