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Samsung Health App: Can Samsung Keep You On Track with This New Feature?

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Korea- Samsung Electronics has unveiled a new Medication tracking feature in its Samsung Health app, a great advancement toward consumers’ complete health management. Designed to simplify tracking of prescribed and over-the-counter medications, this new addition offers crucial information and tips about each medication. It will enhance the overall health management experience, particularly benefiting those on regular medication or taking supplements for general well-being.

“Samsung Health aims to help people better understand and manage their health through a holistic platform by connecting devices, services and people,” said Hon Pak, Vice President and Head of Digital Health Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “With the addition of the new Medications tracking feature, we believe users will be able to more conveniently manage their medications, improve adherence and ultimately maintain better health overall.”

Upon inputting a medication’s name, the feature offers detailed information, including general descriptions and potential side effects. It goes further to highlight adverse reactions due to drug interactions or consumption with specific foods and substances, such as caffeine and alcohol. For example, if a user is taking Simvastatin, the app will warn about potential side effects when combined with grapefruit juice. Even the shape and color of medications can be logged by users for easy identification. Users can add details like dosage and consumption time to prevent confusion.

The Medications feature allows users to set up alerts for medication intake and refills. Personalized alerts range from “gentle” to “strong” based on the importance of the medication. The app sends reminders suited to the individual user, ensuring they stay on track with their medication schedules. Galaxy Watch users will also receive wrist alerts, enhancing accessibility.

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Samsung Health already offers advanced health features, including sleep management, mindfulness programs, and irregular heart rhythm detection. With the introduction of the Medications tracking feature, Samsung Health becomes a truly holistic wellness platform, supporting users in maintaining healthier lifestyles while effectively managing their medication regimens.

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