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Qatar and IAEA Sign Pact to Advance Global Food Safety and Radiation Medicine

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Doha, Qatar: The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the Ministry of Public Health of Qatar have signed Practical Arrangements on November 9th. The collaboration, aimed at elevating Qatar’s role as a global hub for food safety and radiation medicine, involves the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change.

The Practical Arrangements prioritize enhancing radiation medicine for cancer treatment and non-communicable diseases. Simultaneously, they tackle food safety by strengthening the capacity to monitor and identify contaminants.

Food Safety Research

“Now, ten years after its first technical cooperation project, the Food Safety Laboratory shows the potential to be a hub for training in the food safety discipline and associated research. To conclude, the Ministry of Public Health and the Hamad Medical Corporation also wish to confirm their commitment and readiness to become an IAEA Collaborating Centre or Anchor Centre for Rays of Hope. We will prioritize capacity building using these centers for Least Developed Countries (LDCs).” said Assistant Minister Salih Al-Marri, Ministry of Public Health, Qatar at the signing ceremony.

Qatar pledged $50 million at the UN Conference for Least Developed Countries(LCD) in March 2023. The Practical Arrangements, formed in a year, aim to actualize this commitment. It will provide training at Qatar’s Central Food Laboratory for food safety and its hospitals for radiation medicine. The focus is on experts from IAEA Member States, including Least Developed Countries.

“This Practical Arrangement aims to contribute to the enhancement of the quality of healthcare in other countries, especially Least Developed Countries. It is a good milestone and step forward in making concrete what was discussed earlier this year during the LDC5 Conference in Doha,” said IAEA Deputy Director Hua Liu.

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Qatar’s partnership highlights a dedication to advancing its scientific facilities. The Central Food Laboratory, capable of detecting 500+ contaminants, invites professionals from ARASIA State Parties and beyond. The agreement also unlocks access to Qatar’s advanced cancer care facilities, endorsing the IAEA’s Rays of Hope initiative for global, equitable cancer care.

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