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Alma Health Observes World Diabetes Day with Innovative Solutions

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Alma Health, a leading digital healthcare provider specializing in chronic conditions, is celebrating World Diabetes Day with impactful initiatives. To address the widespread challenge of diabetes in the GCC, the company introduces corporate wellness events and Diabetes Management sessions led by Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Asgad Hameed.

Acknowledging the unique needs of individuals managing diabetes, Alma Health offers virtual consultations with licensed in-house physicians. These consultations provide a convenient and efficient healthcare solution, streamlining services like automatic prescription renewals, home delivery of medications, and at-home lab tests. Alma Health’s fully-verticalized platform is transforming the approach to chronic care in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, As part of their commitment to preventive healthcare, Alma Health launches corporate wellness events and Diabetes screenings, alongside in-person and virtual Diabetes Management sessions led by Dr. Asgad Hameed. The events will also introduce ‘Icodic,’ a new insulin therapy soon accessible via its mobile application. These initiatives will take place at prominent locations and companies in the UAE and KSA, reflecting its dedication to fostering health-conscious communities.

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According to Dr. Asgad, “World Diabetes Day holds profound significance for Alma Health as we continue our mission to transform the lives of those living with diabetes and other chronic conditions. Our goal is to create a world where managing health is intuitive, accessible, and empowering.”

Furthermore, This World Diabetes Day, Alma Health invites individuals living with diabetes to explore its innovative digital healthcare platform, offering simplicity and effectiveness in chronic care management.

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