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Pakistan and Saudi Arabia Explore Collaborative Opportunities in Medical Tourism and Pharmaceuticals

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In a significant step towards advancing healthcare cooperation, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have embarked on a journey to enhance their collaboration in the fields of medical tourism and pharmaceuticals. This endeavor promises not only to fortify bilateral relations but also to drive remarkable developments in healthcare infrastructure and services.

During a high-level meeting held in Islamabad, Nawaf Saeed Al Malkiy, the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia, and Dr. Nadeem Jan, the Caretaker Federal Minister for National Health Services and Regulations, engaged in discussions that underscored the shared commitment of both nations to work together in the healthcare sector. Saudi Arabia’s keen interest in this partnership reflects its desire to collaborate with Pakistan beyond traditional sectors.

Saudi Arabia’s Eagerness for Collaboration:

During the meeting, the Saudi Ambassador extended congratulations to Minister Jan for assuming the charge of the Ministry of Health and expressed Saudi Arabia’s eagerness to collaborate with Pakistan in the healthcare sector, aligning it with other sectors of cooperation.

Pharmaceutical Industry Ambitions:

One of the central topics of discussion was the pharmaceutical industry, with Pakistan affirming its commitment to facilitate investments in this sector. The government of Pakistan has set ambitious goals for the pharmaceutical industry, aiming to elevate exports from the current level of over $350 million to $1 billion within the next two years. Further long-term plans envision expanding pharmaceutical exports to $5 billion over the next five years, with the government actively working on measures and incentives to bolster the industry.

Comprehensive Healthcare Development Agenda:

Minister Jan elaborated on his integrated agenda for the development of the health sector as per the vision of the caretaker prime minister. He emphasized Pakistan’s pioneering role in organizing the Global Health Security Summit and outlined a holistic strategy to boost pharmaceutical industry exports while increasing industry capacity.

Exploring Medical Tourism:

Both nations also recognized the potential for medical tourism in this collaborative effort. The presence of thousands of Pakistani health professionals serving in Saudi Arabia highlights the promising investment opportunities in this sector.

Saudi Arabia’s Appreciation and Commitment:

The Saudi Ambassador commended Pakistan’s establishment of the Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), recognizing it as a commendable initiative that will promote investment within the country. He expressed Saudi Arabia’s anticipation of benefiting from Pakistan’s medical sector.

Historical and Fraternal Relations:

In addition to discussions on healthcare cooperation, the meeting addressed various bilateral matters and mutual interests. The Minister acknowledged and appreciated Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to Pakistan and its people, highlighting the deep-rooted historical and religious bonds between the two nations. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia have consistently supported each other in times of need, reflecting the unity of their people’s hearts.


This collaborative effort holds the promise of not only strengthening healthcare ties but also deepening the historical and fraternal relations between these two nations.

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