NewsMayo Clinic Platform launches Solutions Studio

Mayo Clinic Platform launches Solutions Studio

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Rochester- March 2024- Mayo Clinic Platform launches Solutions Studio, a new program that accelerates the development, validation and deployment of digital health solutions and integrates them into healthcare workflows. The Solutions Studio program will alleviate the high costs and complexities that digital health companies face in the commercialization process and will streamline the adoption of solutions in hospitals.

Moreover, Solutions Studio makes digital health innovation and adoption faster and easier with access to global, federated de-identified data and efficient, scalable integration into clinical workflows.

“AI is already transforming healthcare, and it is critical that best practices are followed with testing, deployment and evaluation of AI solutions. For Solutions Studio, Mayo Clinic Platform developed a rigorous, proprietary qualification process to evaluate digital health solutions and ensure they are fair, appropriate, valid, and effective,” says John Halamka, M.D., president of Mayo Clinic Platform and co-founder and board chair of Coalition for Health AI (CHAI).

“Solution developers typically need several years and millions of dollars to bring a digital health solution to the point of care. Solutions Studio will accelerate the rate at which these solutions can be developed and implemented, enabling better patient outcomes, higher operational efficiencies and a lower cost of care,” says Steve Bethke, vice president of product portfolio, Mayo Clinic Platform.

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Key benefits of Mayo Clinic Platform Solutions Studio for digital health companies:

  • Clean, curated de-identified data from diverse global regions for model development and improvement.
  • Library of tools with analytics and federated training capabilities.
  • Opportunity for objective assessment of model’s performance with Mayo Clinic Platform Validate.
  • Simplified process to integrate solutions into clinical workflows with Mayo Clinic Platform Deploy.
  • A novel solution qualification process that incorporates due diligence, clinical review, risk stratification, and quantitative review by expert physicians and data scientists.
  • Standardized contracting processes, marketing opportunities, and access to Mayo Clinic Care Network member hospitals.
  • Specialized insights and guidance from Mayo Clinic experts, and access to implementation services.

“There is a lot of excitement around the transformative potential of AI in healthcare, but it will only be possible if providers have the tools necessary to demystify and use AI responsibly in clinical care. As founding members of CHAI, we created guiding principles that are the foundation of Solutions Studio, enabling innovators to bring qualified solutions to life quickly, while helping providers access high-quality solutions they can trust,” says Sonya Makhni, M.D., medical director of solutions for Mayo Clinic Platform.

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