LeadKenya Faces Well-being Challenges, Cigna Survey Finds

Kenya Faces Well-being Challenges, Cigna Survey Finds

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A recent Cigna 360° Global Well-Being Survey reveals Kenya’s well-being landscape, uncovering a lower overall score compared to the global average. The report exposes the impact of the “Great Exhaustion” phenomenon, highlighting financial strains and work pressures contributing to burnout, stress, and challenges for mental health and workplace dynamics.

Well Being Index

Kenya’s 360° Well-being index scored 60.6, below the global average of 62.9. The Workplace index highlighted a high burnout rate, with 95% of respondents experiencing at least one symptom. Notably, Kenya reported the highest stress levels among 16 surveyed countries, reaching 93%.

Financial concerns weigh heavily on well-being, with Kenya’s Financial index scoring below the global average. Only 7% felt financially secure for retirement, indicating economic worries despite an economic bounce back.

Gender disparities in financial well-being were evident, with men scoring higher than women. On a positive note, Kenya surpassed the global average in Physical and Social Health indexes, indicating strong physical and social health.

In response, Jerome Droesch, CEO of Domestic Health and Health Services for Cigna International Markets, stressed the imperative for employers to prioritize well-being. He noted a shifting priority landscape post-pandemic and urged employers in Kenya to prioritize holistic employee well-being for a flourishing society.

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However, Virtual health preferences in Kenya exceeded the global average, indicating a willingness to embrace new technology in healthcare. Leah Cotterill, Chief Distribution Officer for Cigna Insurance Middle East, and Africa said, “The 360° Global Well-Being Survey Kenya Report acts as a reflection of Kenya’s realities, encompassing challenges and aspirations and underscoring the paramount importance of comprehensive well-being. Mental, financial, family health, and accessibility to care stand prominently among respondents’ priorities.”

The findings serve as a wake-up call, urging employers in Kenya to prioritize their workforce’s holistic well-being and contribute to a healthy society.

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