Life StyleMysterious Disease Hospitalizes 95 Schoolgirls in Western Kenya, School Closed

Mysterious Disease Hospitalizes 95 Schoolgirls in Western Kenya, School Closed

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A mysterious disease has struck St. Theresa’s Eregi Girls High School, located 374 kilometers northwest of Nairobi, leaving 95 schoolgirls hospitalized. The students are reportedly experiencing paralysis of their legs, rendering them unable to walk. As a result, school administrators and Education Ministry officials have closed the school indefinitely following discussions.

County education official Bonface Okoth has confirmed that hospitals have admitted the affected students for medical attention. Although the nature of the illness remains undisclosed, they have sent blood samples to the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI) laboratories for analysis to determine its origin and develop treatment protocols.
The county is urging parents and guardians to closely monitor the health of the affected students as health officials work to identify the causes and containment measures from mysterious disease. The school will reopen once school authorities assess the situation and put necessary precautions in place.

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