LeadIndia's COVID-19 Fight Resumes: Is Another Wave Looming?

India’s COVID-19 Fight Resumes: Is Another Wave Looming?

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New Delhi, India- December 2023- India is seeing a rise in COVID-19 cases, raising concerns about a potential resurgence. The central government has called on all states to be on high alert and step-up testing efforts.

India reports 1,970 current COVID-19 cases, 142 new cases, and 1 death in Karnataka. According to data from the Health Ministry, six COVID-19 deaths have been reported as of Monday, five of them in Kerala alone and one in Uttar Pradesh. Following the Tuesday news of one Covid-19 fatality in Karnataka, the death toll has now risen to seven.

In a letter to state health officials, Union Health Secretary Sudhanshu Pant urged them to increase testing across all districts, especially using the more accurate RT-PCR tests. He also asked states to send all positive samples to specialized labs for further analysis.

To track the virus and the new JN.1 variant, states have been asked to report any cases of flu-like illnesses regularly. This early warning system could help contain any potential outbreaks before they spread.

While the JN.1 variant emerged in November, health officials want to remain cautious. They urge people to follow safety measures like wearing masks and maintaining distance, even though existing vaccines appear effective against this new strain.

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