LeadIndian MBBS Students Evacuated from Ukraine Find New Home in Uzbekistan

Indian MBBS Students Evacuated from Ukraine Find New Home in Uzbekistan

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Uzbekistan- For hundreds of Indian MBBS students who evacuated war-torn Ukraine in 2021, a fresh academic start has emerged at Samarkand State Medical University in Uzbekistan. Responding to the Indian Embassy’s inquiry, the university has opened its doors to over 1,000 displaced Indian medical students, providing them with a new academic chapter and renewed hope and stability.

Relocating to Uzbekistan marks a significant turning point for these MBBS students, offering a stable environment for pursuing academic and personal aspirations. Samarkand State Medical University’s commitment highlights the importance of international collaboration and support.

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The students, now immersed in their studies in Uzbekistan, are seizing the opportunity for growth and development in a more conducive environment. This collaborative effort between the Indian Embassy, the students, and Samarkand State Medical University shows international solidarity, emphasizing the significance of developing connections and providing opportunities for individuals to expand despite the challenges they may encounter.

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