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Egypt and Turkey Strengthen Healthcare Cooperation for Medical Tourism

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Cairo: The Head of the Egypt Healthcare Authority, Ahmed ElSobky, recently convened a significant meeting with the Turkish Ambassador to Egypt, Salih Mutlu, and a distinguished delegation from the Turkish Ministry of Health, headed by Selami Kılıç, Director General for EU and Foreign Affairs. This high-profile gathering, hosted at the authority’s headquarters in Cairo, aimed to strengthen healthcare cooperation between the two nations.

Discussions at the meeting covered a range of healthcare aspects. These included advanced medical services, digital solutions, and the growing field of medical tourism. Under ElSobky’s leadership, Egypt showcased its remarkable progress in the healthcare sector. This highlighted its readiness to serve the growing medical tourism market.

ElSobky highlighted the country’s outstanding healthcare infrastructure, leading-edge technologies, and skilled medical professionals, all of which enable Egypt to offer top-quality medical services at competitive prices. He pointed out the Healthcare Authority’s commitment to building trust with foreign patients. Also creating a welcoming environment for medical tourists.

Moreover, Egypt’s support for public-private partnerships in healthcare services was acknowledged, providing attractive opportunities for health investment within the country. ElSobky expressed his optimism about strengthening cooperation with Turkey in this field, fostering a collaborative environment that benefits both nations.

Turkish Ambassador Salih Mutlu commended Egypt’s outstanding achievements in the healthcare sector. This set the stage for increased cooperation between the two nations. The Turkish Ministry of Health delegation also had the opportunity to visit healthcare facilities within the Ismailia Governorate. They found the advanced capabilities, latest equipment, seamless automation, and digital transformation in the authority’s hospitals highly impressive. They regarded these facilities as integral for delivering medical and therapeutic services in line with international standards and protocols.

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Furthermore, The meeting has laid a solid foundation for deeper cooperation between Egypt and Turkey in the healthcare industry, promising to open new horizons for medical tourism and advanced healthcare services. The collaboration between the two nations holds the potential to benefit not only their citizens but also attract international patients seeking high-quality and cost-effective healthcare services. As these partnerships progress, they position both countries for success in the healthcare landscape.

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