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Do Second-Hand Car Imports Pose a Silent Health Threat in Africa?

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The International Automotive Task Force 2023 (IATF2023) brought together a panel of experts to tackle the challenges posed by pollution, traffic congestion, and safety concerns linked to the rapid motorization of Africa, especially in the context of second-hand vehicles (Car). IATF 2023, the seven days event taking place from November 9th to 15th, 2023, at the Egypt International Exhibition Centre and Al Manara International Conference Centre in Cairo, Egypt. The panel stated that Africa imports 40% of the world’s supply of second-hand cars.

Ghana’s Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Hon. Michael Okyere Baafi MP, shared valuable insights into the complexities faced by policymakers in regulating the influx of second-hand car. He highlighted Ghana’s proactive policy involving biannual checks on older used vehicles, ensuring that each vehicle meets rigorous quality standards, and promoting safety and environmental responsibility.

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Ms. Jane Akumu from the UN Environment Programme set the stage with a fascinating speech. She explicates Africa’s heavy dependence on imported vehicles from the EU, Japan, and the U.S. Additionally, Ms. Akumu mentioned the positive developments in Africa’s adoption of cleaner fuels and electric vehicles, while also pointing out key areas that demand attention and improvement for sustainable automotive future on the continent.

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