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COP28: Health Takes Center Stage as World Unites to Address Climate Crisis

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UAE: As world leaders gather for COP28, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the global health community are calling for decisive action to address the climate crisis and its impact on health.

Prioritizing Health is Not Just a Choice; It is the Foundation of Resilient Societies

WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus stressed the importance of prioritizing health in the fight against climate change. “Prioritizing health is not just a choice; it is the foundation of resilient societies,” he said. “Leaders must deliver in Dubai, providing the strong health outcomes their peoples expect and their economies urgently need. We must change the conversation and demonstrate the massive benefits of bolder climate action on our health and well-being.”

Climate Change: An Unprecedented Threat to Global Health
The IPCC report warns that about 3.5 billion people – nearly half of humanity – live in areas highly vulnerable to climate change. Also, Heat-related deaths among those aged over 65 years have risen by 70% worldwide in two decades, according to WHO’s figures.

Mitigating the Health Impacts of the Climate Crisis

The health community is calling for urgent action to mitigate the health impacts of the climate crisis. This includes:
• Strengthening health systems to be resilient, low-carbon, and sustainable.
• Reducing and stopping emissions.
• Greening the health sector.
• Increasing financing for health systems.
• COP28: A Call for Decisive Action.

However, As world leaders convene at COP28, the health community is urging negotiators to recognize that climate action is health action. Also, The WHO call to action unites the health community, demanding a commitment to building resilient health systems. It emphasizes reducing emissions and prioritizing health in the face of global challenges.

Health Day and Ministerial Session

Furthermore, COP28 will feature the first-ever Health Day. It will elevate the global profile of the climate and health nexus and integrate health action within the climate change agenda. Moreover, A record number of health ministers will be attending COP28, highlighting the commitment to prioritize health in climate discussions. The Ministerial session will bring together global leaders to implement sustainable solutions. Also, address the crucial intersection of health and climate change.

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COP28: A Legacy of Action for a Healthier Planet
The legacy of COP28 will be a commitment to a healthier planet, where the health arguments for climate action are not just heard but lead to tangible results. Also, The world must act now to protect the health of current and future generations from the devastating impacts of climate change

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