LeadAjman's New Disaster Medicine Center Strengthens Emergency Response

Ajman’s New Disaster Medicine Center Strengthens Emergency Response

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The Ajman Disaster Medicine Center was officially inaugurated, signifying a timely collaboration between the Emirates Program for Medical Preparedness and Response, Jaheziya, and Gulf Medical University. This initiative focused on empowering frontline healthcare workers in government and private hospitals across Ajman by ensuring their preparedness for medical emergencies through a standardized curriculum and international benchmarks.

Professor Hossam Hamdi, Chancellor of Gulf Medical University
in Ajman, emphasized, “Under the guidance of our visionary leadership, the UAE continues to fortify the capacities of the healthcare sector, particularly in the realm of disaster and emergency preparedness. The launch of the Ajman Disaster Medicine Center is a pivotal step in our broader endeavors to enhance our response to potential disasters or emergencies. The center plays a vital role in safeguarding the health and safety of our community, and we eagerly anticipate our collaboration in operating and managing the center, focusing on education, training, and scientific research.”

The Ajman Disaster Medicine Center will provide a wide range of services, including specialized medical training, advisory support, academic studies, and developmental initiatives in the realm of disaster medicine. Its activities included organizing conferences, workshops, and training programs, enriching the skills of frontline healthcare specialists in Ajman.

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Dr. Adel al Shamiri, head of the National Center for Disaster Medicine, Chief Physician of the UAE, and head of the Emirates program for medical readiness and response, stated that the center will work relentlessly to elevate competencies, capacity building, and skills development for medical staff in both government and private hospitals through specialized training programs, seminars, workshops, and events.

The center’s plans also include conducting clinical and non-clinical training for healthcare providers, targeting doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, and administrative teams. The joint plan has incorporated internationally approved training programs in emergency, trauma, and disaster management.

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