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A Remarkable 93% of UAE Parents will Choose Plastic Free Baby Wipes, WaterWipes Survey Reveals

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates: In an effort to understand purchasing preferences among the UAE, WaterWipes conducted a survey revealing that a whopping 93% are more likely to choose plastic free baby wipes. This indicates a clear awareness of the connotations of plastic usage in baby products. In response to this consumer demand, WaterWipes has introduced its Plastic Free* Wipes in the UAE, affirming the brand’s unwavering commitment to purity, sustainability, innovation in childcare, and of course, its customers.

Sustainability and health are reported to be key considerations, with 86% citing the significance of choosing products that protect their children’s health. Additionally, 93% of respondents stated they believe it is important that products for their children are environmentally friendly, with 56% deeming it extremely important.

Speaking on the findings, Dr Emer Gilligan, External Affairs Director at WaterWipes, commented, “The discerning and conscious choices made by today’s parents are steering towards sustainability and health, as our survey reveals. Our Plastic-Free* Wipes, crafted with 99.9% purified water and a drop of fruit extract, not only help cater to this demand but also assure parents of a gentle choice for their newborn’s delicate skin, while concurrently taking another step on our sustainability journey.

A closer look at the UAE-specific survey results:

• 73% of parents consistently check ingredient lists for products intended for their children, while 55% do so for their own products.
• Safety certifications were marked as extremely important when purchasing children’s products by 77% of parents.
• 87% prioritized minimal ingredients in products for their children, with 40% marking it as extremely important.

As global and regional interest in sustainability discussions and initiatives rises, and in anticipation of the upcoming COP28, the introduction of WaterWipes’ Plastic Free* Wipes in the UAE is not merely a product launch, but WaterWipes’ first step towards alignment with global sustainability goals. It serves as a beacon of responsible choice in a market that progressively values environmental responsibility.

As we navigate through the evolving landscape of baby care, WaterWipes continues to lead with evidence-based innovations, ensuring that the well-being of our children and the planet are intertwined. By choosing products that are backed by research and a commitment to sustainability, we are fostering a world where our choices are more reflective of a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of health and environmental well-being.


The research was conducted by Censuswide with 1,002 Parents with children under the age of 10 across the UAE and Saudi Arabia between 21-28 September 2023. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles and are members of The British Polling Council.

*The claim does not refer to the full product lifecycle nor the external plastic packing and relates to the wipes only.

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