On this Day in HealthcareWorld Health Day: Experts Speak Out on Building a Healthier Future

World Health Day: Experts Speak Out on Building a Healthier Future

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Every year on World Health Day, a renewed focus washes over the globe, reminding us of the precious gift of health. This year is no different. From the dedicated doctors on the frontlines to the innovative minds shaping the future of medicine, a powerful message resonates – health is not a privilege, but the cornerstone of a fulfilling life and a thriving society.

Within these pages, MedEdge MEA has gathered the voices of those who champion well-being. Leading healthcare professionals, government officials, and industry thought leaders offer a collective wisdom, each piece a facet of the multifaceted world of health.

Their words paint a vibrant picture: the tireless efforts to ensure healthcare accessibility, the commitment to preventative measures, the exciting possibilities unlocked by technological advancements, and the unwavering dedication to building a world where health is a right, not a luxury. As you delve into these quotes, we invite you to join the conversation. Let World Health Day be a springboard for action, a catalyst for prioritizing your own well-being, and a call to advocate for a healthier future for all.

“On this occasion, coinciding with the 76th anniversary of the founding of the World Health Organization, we reaffirm our commitment to promoting the health and well- being of the UAE community. We also reiterate our pledge as a distinguished partner of the Organization, working together to reach global health targets by adopting new health policies that boost personal health and create a lasting, healthy environment.”
-HE Dr Mohammed Salim Al Olama, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), UAE

“The UAE views healthcare as a fundamental right for both its citizens and residents, with health policies geared towards delivering top-notch services and safeguarding patient rights in line with global benchmarks.”
-HE Abdulrahman bin Mohamed Al Owais, Minister of Health, and Prevention, UAE

“In honor of world health day, I would like to highlight as a family physician, the importance of integration of mental and physical health, as they go hand in hand in maintaining good quality of life and raising consciousness in the community. It is the responsibility of every family physician to adopt the biopsychosocial approach with every individual.”
-Dr. Alya Al Suwaidi, Family medicine consultant

“On World Health Day, April 7, we are reminded of the critical importance of personalized healthcare. At Lifespin GmbH, we believe that through advanced diagnostics and data-driven insights, we can achieve unprecedented precision in treatment, ensuring a healthier tomorrow for all.”
-Dr. Ali Tinazli, CEO, Lifespin GmbH

“On World Health Day, we’re reminded that health, an unseen gem, anchors our dreams and victories. It urges us to integrate wellness into our life’s essence, making it not just an aspect, but the foundation of our being and the pathway to our aspirations.”
-Dr. Mayada Alkhakany, Regional Healthcare Affair, Innovation and Patient Engagement at Boehringer Ingelheim, Advisory Board Member ISoP

“Health equity requires addressing social determinants to ensure comprehensive universal access and well-being beyond geographic location or socioeconomic status. Entrepreneurship and innovation serve as tools to solve unmet needs but depend on a robust ecosystem, clear regulation, trust among stakeholders, and effective market strategy as catalysts for impact.”
-Adam Skali, President, Innovation Forum Barcelona

“On World Health Day 2024, let us empower individuals to assert their right to health and work towards a future where every person can thrive and fulfill their potential.

As CEO of the Arab Hospitals Federation, it is my collective responsibility to raise awareness to ensure that everyone has access to essential healthcare services, preventive measures, and the necessary information to make informed decisions about their well-being.

Let us advocate for health equity by championing policies and initiatives that prioritize universal healthcare coverage and reaffirm the fundamental truth: ‘My Health, My Right.'”
-Alice Yammine Boueiz, CEO, Arab Hospitals Federation

“World Health Day is a global call to action, reminding us that good health is the foundation of a thriving society. Let us commit to collaboration, innovation, and equity, ensuring that healthcare reaches every corner of our world, leaving no one behind. Together, we can build a healthier, brighter future for all.”
-Fatma Almulla, Executive Director, International Youth Council

“On World Health Day, I commend the Middle East’s commitment to healthcare transformation. Embracing new technologies and innovation is key to building a holistic infrastructure. Augnito is proud to support this vision and contribute to a lasting positive impact.”
-Rustom Lawyer, Co-Founder & CEO, Augnito

“World Health Day serves as a reminder of the critical need for accessible, high-quality healthcare for all. At Aster Hospitals and Clinics, Oman, we are committed to advancing healthcare excellence, empowering communities, and promoting holistic wellness. Together, let’s prioritize health as a fundamental human right and work towards building a healthier world for all.”
-Shailesh Guntu, CEO- Aster Hospitals & Clinics Oman

“The future of healthcare will have personalized treatments, driven by advances in multiomics and AI. Digital health will be instrumental in improving access to care, focusing on preventive medicine will be critical in managing acute and chronic conditions and enhancing overall health and wellness. However, for this to happen we have to break health data silos at a global scale.”
-Dr. Bassam El-Fahmawi, Founder and CEO of Mawi DNA Technologies

“Health is a complete balance of mind, body and spirit which comes from love, laughter and peace of mind; the healthier you healthier your surroundings further expanding across the universe and eventually resulting in a blissful cosmos.”
-Dr. Nilakshi Abhay Gangan, RCM consultant

“Health serves as the very foundation upon which our lives are built. As we commemorate World Health Day, it is paramount to reaffirm that health stands as an inalienable human entitlement. It transcends mere absence of illness; it embodies a proactive commitment to preventative measures, championing wholesome lifestyles, and fostering robust communities. Let us unite in our resolve to prioritize wellness over ailment, forging pathways towards a future where vitality and well-being flourish abundantly for every individual, irrespective of circumstance. As Middle East’s leading provider of specialized long-term care, rehabilitation and home healthcare services, we are at Amana Healthcare committed to supporting the health and wellness of our community.”
-Dr. jason Gray, CEO, Amana Healthcare

“We’re at an inflection point in Healthcare. Generative AI emerging capabilities bring an unprecedented opportunity to design a frictionless healthcare system and deliver the best of medical practice to every patient, anytime and anywhere. Mundane tasks that took weeks will be done in seconds by intelligent AI assistants. More progress will be made in the next 5 years than in the last 50.”
-Jose Pedro Almeida, World’s Top 70 Health AI & Chief AI Strategist

“As a doctor, I am profoundly grateful to celebrate World Health Day, celebrating the invaluable contributions of healthcare professionals worldwide. Today, we honor the dedication and tireless efforts of those on the front lines, working diligently to improve the well-being of individuals and communities. Amidst challenges and triumphs, our commitment to promoting health, preventing illness, and advancing medical care remains steadfast. Let us unite in our mission to create a healthier, more equitable world for all.”
-Dr. Zainab Alkhamis, Intern at Mediclinic Airport Rd.

“World Health Day is a crucial reminder of the importance of accessible healthcare and fostering well-being worldwide. Let’s come together to strengthen health systems and promote healthier lifestyles, paving the way for a brighter and healthier future.”
-Ayesha Naser Alhosani, Medical laboratory Technologist, NMC Royal Hospital, UAE

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