NewsWHO Warns of Dropping Immunization Rates Among Children in Yemen

WHO Warns of Dropping Immunization Rates Among Children in Yemen

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In a stark announcement, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported a significant decline in immunization rates among children in Yemen. Millions are now beyond the reach of routine vaccination campaigns due to the ongoing civil war and diminishing international support.
Yemen’s healthcare system including immunization services, has deteriorated drastically during the nine-year civil conflict, with no respite in sight due to limited international assistance, according to a statement released by WHO on its official website.
From January to September of this year, alarming statistics reveal that measles has affected 42,400 Yemeni children, leading to 514 associated deaths. Furthermore, the country has seen about 1,400 diphtheria cases and 6,000 instances of whooping cough, as detailed in the statement.

In 2023, health professionals documented 928 suspected cases of acute flaccid paralysis among Yemeni children. The situation deteriorates, and this condition might have a connection to the incurable disease polio.
Arturo Pesigan, the WHO representative, and head of mission in Yemen, stated, “Yemen’s health system is already overstretched, yet it faces a rapid increase in health emergencies that is beyond its capacity and with the shortage of international support, many facilities will be forced to shut down.”

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A civil war has enmeshed Yemen since late 2014, resulting in tens of thousands of casualties, displacing millions, and pushing the nation to the brink of famine. The dire healthcare situation worsened the challenges faced by the population, especially children, in the war-torn country.

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