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Wellness Upgrade: Mplus and Delos partner for healthier homes

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Dubai, UAE- Property maintenance services provider mplus has expanded its offerings in collaboration with Delos, a global leader in science-backed solutions for healthier indoor spaces, aiming to enhance the overall health and well-being of UAE residents. The latest services from mplus focus on improving air and water quality indoors, using technologically advanced and research-based solutions to prioritize the health, efficiency, and comfort of property occupants.

In the UAE, where air conditioning is used year-round due to high temperatures, mplus recognizes the importance of maintaining these systems for improved air quality. While air conditioning systems themselves may not cause illnesses, they can circulate contaminants that contribute to allergies and respiratory conditions. Mplus aims to address this by providing well-maintained and clean systems to enhance air quality. Clean and pure water is also a key element of well-being, contributing to skin and hair health while reducing exposure to contaminants.

Surveys indicate that 76% of homeowners believe their residences negatively impact their health and well-being. Recognizing this concern, mplus collaborates with Delos to offer innovative, industry-leading solutions aimed at promoting healthier, more sustainable, and improved living experiences tailored to the unique needs of UAE residents.

Residents availing mplus’ enhanced services will experience improved air and water quality, contributing to a healthier lifestyle and a more comfortable living environment. Science-backed air purifying solutions with high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters will reduce allergens and pollutants, promoting respiratory health and better sleep patterns.

Commenting on the enhanced wellness services, Shariq Ahmad, associate director at mplus, said: “Our latest service enhancements mark a significant milestone in our commitment to not only elevating properties through our maintenance services but also prioritising the wellbeing and health of every individual residing within those spaces. People are now more aware of the effects an environment can have on their health and our solutions provide safe and healthy spaces for people and their families. 95 percent of our customers are families, and we understand that it is important to prioritise family health in every aspect of their home life, including the air they breathe and the water they use.’’

“We are thrilled to join forces with mplus to bring our proven health and wellness solutions to residents of the UAE, a region where extreme weather often keeps people indoors,” said Tekha Selim, vice president and head of MENA region, Delos. “We applaud mplus for this significant step to ensure healthier environments within UAE homes and for their commitment to incorporating health and wellness interventions into their offerings and maintenance packages.”

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