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UAE’s Healthcare Sector Focuses on Long-Term Sustainability

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Dubai, UAE – The UAE is steering its healthcare sector toward a sustainable future, shaping industry dynamics through strategic programs and initiatives, as outlined in early findings from an upcoming white paper by TECOM Group PJSC’s science-focused ecosystem, Dubai Science Park, in collaboration with EY.

However, With a commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles, the UAE is positioning itself at the forefront of healthcare resilience. The nation is proactively addressing future challenges by acknowledging the global impact of the healthcare industry.

“As we stand at the nexus of healthcare and environmental stewardship, it is imperative that we acknowledge the impact our industry has on the global community,” said Marwan Abdulaziz Janahi, Senior Vice President of Dubai Science Park at TECOM Group PJSC. “Reimagining contemporary diagnostics mechanisms and the industry’s workforce across research, manufacturing, and service delivery is essential to safeguard the resilience and longevity of healthcare systems. Several facets of our industry influence the global climate and Dubai Science Park will continue to encourage collaborative innovation that promotes holistic sustainability in line with ESG principles and fosters positive climate action in the healthcare sector.”

Key initiatives in building healthcare resilience include workforce development, environmental consciousness, and global collaboration, strengthening the UAE’s standing as a leader in healthcare innovation. The country’s commitment to nurturing local talent, illustrated by initiatives like Nafis and ‘Health Talents,’ aims to strengthen the healthcare workforce.

Strategic frameworks such as Dubai Economic Agenda ‘D33’ and Dubai Research and Development Programme facilitate knowledge-led sustainability innovation across the healthcare supply chain. Recent achievements, such as Dubai’s eighth position in the Global Power City Index 2023, and initiatives like Golden Visas, attract skilled professionals globally.

Government programs like the UAE Net Zero 2050 strategy are driving an eco-conscious transformation of hospitals. Incorporating green building practices and renewable energy, the UAE is taking a lead in constructing environmentally friendly healthcare facilities.

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Dubai Science Park’s announcement preceded an Advance Health forum moderated by Ahmed El Banna, Senior Manager of Healthcare Consulting at EY. The forum explored the intersection of sustainability and healthcare, featuring industry leaders such as Jamie Ireland of THB Group, Michael Schelper of Caresyntax, Sameh El Fangary of AstraZeneca, and Eng. Doaa Hamdy Serour of Mediclinic Middle East.

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