Humanitarian AidUAE Dispatches Ambulances to Support Healthcare Sector in Ukraine

UAE Dispatches Ambulances to Support Healthcare Sector in Ukraine

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In a resolute display of humanitarian commitment, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has dispatched a vessel laden with 23 fully-equipped ambulances, accompanied by essential medical, emergency, and safety equipment, to bolster Ukraine’s beleaguered healthcare sector.

UAE Ambassador to Ukraine, Salem Ahmed Al Kaabi, affirmed the UAE’s unwavering dedication to humanitarian endeavors, designed to address the critical needs of the Ukrainian populace. This initiative reflects the UAE’s steadfast approach to alleviating the suffering of affected communities globally.

Majed bin Kamal, Head of Humanitarian Support and Assistance at the International Affairs Office, elucidated that the current shipment constitutes a fraction of the 50 ambulances earmarked for provision by the UAE under its comprehensive aid program aimed at aiding the Ukrainian people.

Since the onset of the crisis in Ukraine, the UAE has undertaken substantial measures to deliver urgently needed relief to those grappling with adversity. This includes a substantial donation of US$100 million earmarked for the benefit of Ukrainian civilians. Notably, the UAE has established an air bridge, facilitating the deployment of 12 aircraft, collectively carrying 714 tonnes of vital relief supplies, food, and medical resources.

In addition to these efforts, the UAE has dispatched a ship laden with 250 tonnes of relief aid destined for Poland and Romania, which will subsequently be transported into Ukrainian territories. The UAE has also dispatched relief aircraft to support Ukrainian refugees residing in neighboring countries, including Poland, Moldova, and Bulgaria.

The UAE’s proactive humanitarian response underscores its commitment to mitigating the hardships faced by those affected by crises worldwide, reinforcing the nation’s reputation as a stalwart advocate for global humanitarian aid efforts.

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