NewsThis is How Aster Hospital Mankhool Managed to Rebuild Young Man’s Face...

This is How Aster Hospital Mankhool Managed to Rebuild Young Man’s Face After Severe Road Accident

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Dubai, UAE- March 2024: Doctors at Aster Hospital, Mankhool, successfully rebuilt a 37- year-old young man’s face who had suffered multiple complex facial bone fractures, rendering him unrecognizable. Using specialized oral and maxillofacial surgery techniques, doctors could successfully reconstruct Mr. Mohammad Thausif Kaiyoor Abdulla Kaiyoor’s face, helping him recover from a severe road traffic accident.

On 12th January 2024, Mr. Kaiyoor, an Indian national and an employee at Aster Pharmacy, was riding his motorbike wearing all his safety gear (helmet, gloves, elbow & knee pads) when he was struck from behind by a four-wheeler in Sharjah. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, where he underwent initial wound debridement and suturing of a wound on his left thigh under general anesthesia on 13th January 2024. However, due to the severity of his injuries, including pan facial fractures involving the maxillofacial skeleton and a deep lacerated wound in the left thigh region, he was subsequently transferred to Aster Hospital, Mankhool, for specialized care.

Upon arrival at Aster Hospital for secondary management and care for Pan facial Traumatic injuries and associated lower limb injuries, Mr. Kaiyoor presented with complaints of severe headache, nasal bleeding, difficulty in mouth opening and closing, restricted movement of the right eye, and double vision. Clinical and radiological evaluations revealed multiple fractures involving the maxillofacial skeleton, along with a deep lacerated wound in the left thigh region.

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Pan facial fractures, accounting for 4 – 10% of all facial fractures, present a reconstructive challenge due to their complex nature, often caused by high-energy incidents like motor vehicle accidents. Traumatic painful fracture repair is one of the most complex and challenging reconstructive procedures, requiring meticulous surgical techniques and postoperative management.

Speaking about Mr. Kaiyoor’s case, highlighting the challenges faced and the dedication of the medical team, Dr. Renju Prem, Specialist Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Aster Hospital, Mankhool, stated, “Mr. Kaiyoor’s case presented significant challenges due to the severity of his injuries, including pan facial fractures and a deep lacerated wound. As one of our own employees, our team was determined to provide him with the best possible chance at recovery. We utilized advanced surgical techniques and collaborated closely to ensure optimal outcomes.”

Postoperatively, Mr. Kaiyoor’s recovery progressed smoothly under the attentive care of the medical team at Aster Hospital. He expressed his gratitude for the treatment received, saying, “I am immensely grateful to Dr. Renju Prem and the entire medical team for their dedication and expertise in treating my complex injuries. Their support throughout my treatment journey has been invaluable, and I feel truly blessed to have received such outstanding care.’’

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