Health For AllOoredoo Kuwait Takes 'Live Healthy' Campaign to New Level

Ooredoo Kuwait Takes ‘Live Healthy’ Campaign to New Level

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Ooredoo, Kuwait’s premier telecommunications provider, is taking a bold step towards employee well-being by extending its ‘Live Healthy’ campaign to coincide with World Diabetes Day. This strategic move, following successful initiatives focused on Breast Cancer and Mental Health, highlights Ooredoo’s comprehensive commitment to promoting the health of its workforce.

Dedicated to developing a workplace environment that values both physical health and overall wellness, Ooredoo’s ‘Live Healthy’ initiative aims to raise awareness, educate, and support its esteemed workforce. In collaboration with Taiba Hospital, Ooredoo organized an impactful awareness workshop. Medical professionals shared insights into healthy living practices and provided valuable information about diabetes.

As part of the initiative, health professionals from Taiba Hospital conducted blood tests on Ooredoo Tower employees to assess their blood sugar levels. This proactive approach aligns with Ooredoo’s commitment to providing employees with information to prevent diabetes, empowering them to proactively manage their health.

Naser Al-Abdallah, Director of Marketing Communications and Social Media at Ooredoo Kuwait, commented: “Our ‘Live Healthy’ campaign reflects our profound commitment to the well-being of our employees. As we broaden our focus to include World Diabetes Day, our goal is to cultivate an environment that not only supports physical health but also encourages the overall well-being of our employees. Through these initiatives, we underscore our dedication to empowering our employees with the knowledge and tools to proactively prioritize their health.”

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Moreover, As Ooredoo deepens its commitment to employee well-being, the ‘Live Healthy’ campaign remains a consistent source of health and support within the organization, illustrating Ooredoo’s compassion for its integral employees.

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