NewsWhy Was a One-Day Surgery Unit in Riyadh Suddenly Shut Down?

Why Was a One-Day Surgery Unit in Riyadh Suddenly Shut Down?

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Riyadh- May 2024- The Ministry of Health revealed that the one-day surgery unit at a private medical complex in Riyadh has been temporarily shut down due to Labor Law violations. It was found that the facility employed several people who did not obtain a license to practice health professions. The precautionary closure will be in place until rectification of the violation as per the provisions of Article 23 of the Private Health Institutions Law and its executive regulations.

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The Ministry of Health stressed the necessity of adhering to the health requirements contained in the health regulations. It noted that Article 2 of the Law of Practicing Healthcare Professions affirmed the prohibition of practicing any health profession except after obtaining a license. Article 13 of the same law prohibits examining patients in unauthorized situations in places that are not designated for this purpose while Article 10 prohibits health practitioners from promoting themselves directly or through an intermediary.

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It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health’s compliance teams conduct periodic inspection tours throughout the Kingdom to detect any violations and follow up on what is published on various social media platforms to preserve patient safety and public health.

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