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New Hope for Early Alzheimer’s at Arab Health 2024

Visit Re:cognition Health on the Harley Street Medical Area stand Hall 2 stand F30.

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In 2023 new-generation medications, in international clinical trials, have demonstrated slowing of the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and its symptoms. The implications of these historic results for the global Alzheimer’s Disease pandemic will be presented at Arab Health 2024 by Harley Street’s Dr MacSweeney, co-founder and CEO of Re:Cognition Health’s, pioneering Brain & Mind Centers (ABHI Operating theatre, Monday 29th January 14:00).

Re:Cognition Health’s experts have been intimately involved in several groundbreaking clinical trials for these effective new-generation treatments, with the first of these entering the market, and many more currently in development, in global clinical trials.

Dr. MacSweeney will detail a new perspective and a cautiously optimistic outlook for early-stage Alzheimer’s and how the definition of the disease has changed completely in light of tremendous recent scientific advances.

This will include the results from Eisai’s “CLARITY” Study for Lecanemab, and Eli Lilly’s TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2 study for Donanemab. Both studies trialed new monoclonal antibodies against toxic brain amyloid protein, which successfully slowed the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease and its symptoms. The TauRx LUCIDITY study also demonstrated exciting results for a new medication aimed against toxic tau protein in the brain.

“There is every reason to be cautiously optimistic, as these new-generation medications, available in the UK and in international clinical trials, can potentially change an individual’s future,” said Dr MacSweeney speaking ahead of Arab Health 2024.

“As we grow older, Alzheimer’s Disease is the most common cause, by far, of the symptoms listed below and there are no medications on the market in the UK to slow the progression of this disease and its symptoms. If you recognise any of these symptoms in yourself, friends or family, it is important to seek a diagnosis as soon as possible. The most accurate diagnosis, globally, can be achieved through screening for a clinical trial and if confirmed to be due to early symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, the same trial could provide the opportunity for an effective treatment.”

Furthermore, new medications are available on the market, now, at Re:Cognition Health’s USA Centers and likely to be at their UK Centers in Harley Street in 2024. This is in addition to multiple newer and potentially even more effective medications still in clinical trial.

Lecanemab – FDA approval for USA granted 2023. Currently, under review by MHRA for UK approval.

Re:Cognition Health’s patients joined a global study cohort of 1,795 volunteers with early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease to receive fortnightly infusions of Lecanemab or placebo. Results demonstrated a 27% reduction in the rate of progressive cognitive decline over 18 months for those taking Lecanemab compared to those on a placebo. Dr Emer MacSweeney, CEO and Medical Director at Re:Cognition Health, express excitement about these results, emphasising the potential not only as a treatment for early-stage Alzheimer’s, but also for the development of multiple new treatments.

Donanemab – Currently under review by FDA for approval.

Re:Cognition Health has managed all patients in the UK who have had an opportunity to gain access to Donanemab via the Trailblazer 2 clinical trial, which enrolled 1,736 participants worldwide. The results demonstrated a 35% reduction in cognitive decline in individuals receiving Donanemab, compared to placebo along with a 40% reduction in functional decline related to daily living activities. The individuals with the mildest cognitive symptoms, at the time of joining the study, demonstrated even more impressive results of more than 60% reduction in functional decline. Dr Emer MacSweeney highlights the significant advancements with Donanemab and its potential to be a groundbreaking treatment.

Individuals experiencing progressive short-term memory loss and difficulties in other aspects of their thinking ability are encouraged to seek expert advice promptly and consider participation in clinical trials.

Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI), estimates 55 million people worldwide were living with dementia in 2020, a number is expected to triple by 2050, reaching 152 million, due to the ageing global population. The socio-economic impact on healthcare, long-term care and lost productivity, is substantial and without an effective early diagnosis and treatment, the economic, personal and social burden will increase significantly.

Some of the early warning signs of dementia can include:

• Short-term memory loss: forgetting names and important dates and repeatedly asking the same questions.
• Changes in behaviour – unexpected & uncharacteristic anxiety and changes in mood, perhaps becoming passive and disinterested, or easily angered.
• Confusion which could include losing track of time or problems with processing information.
• Forgetting words and experiencing problems with speech and language.
• Loss of sense of direction, getting lost in a familiar environment and disorientated.
• Difficulty in performing everyday (seemingly normal) tasks such as making a cup of tea or unpacking the grocery shopping.
• Problems with calculation – managing money or completing simple sums and puzzles.
• Misplacing items such as putting keys in freezer or milk in the dishwasher and not being able to retrace steps to find them.
• Difficulty making decisions which may also include making the wrong decision, with poor judgement.
• Issues with visual images and spatial awareness which may include difficulty reading words, judging distances or recognising colour contrast.

Dr Emer MacSweeney will be speaking at Arab Health on 29 January 2024 at 2pm at the ABHI Operating Theatre on stand H2 E30. During the discussion Dr MacSweeney will also be addressing the biggest Silent Killer in Contact Sports: Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and how we are currently just seeing the tip of a terrifying iceberg.

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Re:Cognition Health is located within the prestigious Harley Street Medical Area, a collective of hospitals, clinics and specialists who deliver outstanding patient care through pioneering treatments and cutting-edge technologies.

Visit Re:cognition Health on the Harley Street Medical Area stand Hall 2 stand F30.

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