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New blood group test kit on display at Medlab Middle East

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Anbio Biotechnology (“Anbio”), a leading global diagnostic device and assay company, announced the company will showcase the ABO & Rhd Blood Grouping Kit, a qualitative detection test kit for the ABO and D antigen of the Rhd blood group system on human red blood cells in whole blood or 10% red cell suspensions in physiological saline. Anbio’s ABO & Rhd Blood Grouping Kit applies the Dot-filtration method and can acquire accurate results from fresh fingertip blood in as little as 1 minute, with a storage time of 24 months, and it doesn’t require special refrigeration or cold-chain transportation. Medlab ME is going to be the first appearance of Anbio’s ABO & Rhd Blood Grouping Kit at an overseas exhibition.

Blood types play a crucial role in medicine, especially in blood transfusions, organ transplants, and during pregnancy. Knowing an individual’s blood type ensures the safety and effectiveness of medical procedures. The ABO & Rhd Blood Grouping Kit is based on the principle of antigen-antibody dot immune filtration assay to provide convenience and accuracy in testing blood types for clinical use and emergencies. It can quickly display blood type information through paper strip reactions, representing a modern approach to blood type testing.

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“Anbio is consistently dedicated to developing easy-to-access and reliable diagnostic test-kits for improving user experience in various application scenarios,” said Michael Lau, CEO of Anbio Biotechnology. “Anbio’s ABO & Rhd Blood Grouping Kit provides a simple way for blood type testing with low requirements for user environment, storage, and transportation while ensuring the accuracy of the results. Furthermore, The target market of this product will be mainly focusing on Middle East, Asia, and Africa regions. We will continue to invest in user-centric, affordable, and reliable Point-of-Care Testing solutions and bring them to the world.”

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