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PIF Launches Kayanee: A Revolutionary Women’s Health and Wellness Venture in Saudi Arabia

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The Public Investment Fund (PIF) has unveiled a groundbreaking initiative with the establishment of Kayanee Company (“Kayanee”), a forward-thinking lifestyle concept dedicated to nurturing and enhancing women’s well-being in Saudi Arabia. Kayanee’s core focus revolves around women’s health and lifestyle, with a commitment to shaping the well-being of future generations. The venture offers a holistic approach, encompassing fitness, apparel, personal care and treatments, nutrition and diagnostics, healthy eating, and education.

Championed by HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar

Kayanee’s mission is under the leadership of HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar, who brings a female-centric perspective to all its services. The company prioritizes mental, physical, and social health, aligning its vision with the objectives of Vision 2030 to create a vibrant society. Kayanee aspires to impact over one million consumers, embracing a comprehensive approach to women’s wellness.

Empowering Women’s Well-being: A Visionary Step

The establishment of Kayanee is a strategic move by PIF to harness the potential of promising sectors, promote technological localization, empower the private sector, drive economic diversification, and contribute to enhancing the quality of life, in accordance with Vision 2030.

Seamless Digital Experience

Kayanee is committed to ensuring broad community participation through an innovative digital platform, which will serve as the primary interface for customers. This digital hub will seamlessly connect in-person and online services, reinforcing the company’s role as a catalyst for the rapid expansion of health, well-being, and fitness in Saudi Arabia. Kayanee will collaborate with the private sector and engage the entire value chain to bolster the industry’s development.

A Transformative Industry

Raid Ismail, Head of MENA Direct Investments at PIF, expressed the excitement surrounding Kayanee’s entry into the women’s fitness, wellness, and well-being sector. He emphasized the company’s potential to propel Saudi Arabia’s SAR 16 billion fitness and well-being industry to new heights. Kayanee’s integrated offerings will involve strategic partnerships with the private sector, contributing to the creation of a vibrant and empowered society.

Kayanee represents a significant step forward in championing women’s health and wellness, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to fostering a brighter future for its female population. Through this initiative, PIF aims to shape a healthier, happier, and more vibrant Saudi society in line with Vision 2030’s transformative goals.

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