Health For AllWomen and Child HealthFIGO Endorses #IAmSAFE Campaign for Safe Abortion Access in West Africa

FIGO Endorses #IAmSAFE Campaign for Safe Abortion Access in West Africa

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The FIGO Advocating for Safe Abortion Project proudly supports the newly launched #IAmSAFE campaign, a vital initiative led by five esteemed member societies in Africa. This campaign, set to continue until October 2023, is dedicated to harmonizing communication efforts surrounding safe abortion access in West Africa.

Prioritizing Women’s Health

Recognizing abortion as a crucial aspect of universal health coverage, the campaign underscores its time-sensitive nature. Delays in accessing safe abortion care can have severe repercussions for women and girls. Shockingly, 35 million women worldwide resort to unsafe abortion methods annually, with healthcare professionals witnessing dire consequences regularly. In response to this pressing global issue, FIGO member societies are committed to strengthening the worldwide resolve to eliminate preventable unsafe abortions.

The #IAmSAFE Campaign: A Beacon of Hope

The #IAmSAFE campaign, championed by five member societies (Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, and Côte d’Ivoire), gains FIGO’s full endorsement. This dynamic campaign equips activists, journalists, artists, obstetricians, gynecologists, and civil society groups with vital tools and messaging to engage decision-makers effectively in addressing this critical healthcare concern. By harnessing art, creativity, and activism, the campaign aims to raise awareness of available resources for health advocates, destigmatize safe abortion services, and reinforce access.

A United Front for Change

This inclusive campaign engages youth SRHR advocates, artists, OBGYNs, and other key stakeholders across Africa. It serves as a resounding call for decision-makers to invest in laws, policies, and behaviors empowering women and girls to assert their right to safe abortion care when needed. Additionally, it seeks to ensure that healthcare providers can deliver abortion care without fear of prosecution or reprisals.

Breaking the Stigma: A Collective Effort

The campaign’s primary objectives involve raising awareness about the pressing need to reduce abortion stigma and advocating for improved access to safe abortion services. It focuses on creating effective communication tools and aims to strengthen civil society partnerships in championing safe abortion.

A Vital Step Toward Change

Ultimately, the #IAmSAFE campaign aims to encourage governments and healthcare organizations to engage in constructive dialogues regarding women’s reproductive health and enhance access to safe abortion care across the region. Through these collaborative initiatives, member societies aspire to establish an environment where women can access secure healthcare respecting their fundamental rights.

This campaign acts as a pivotal catalyst in destigmatizing safe abortion care among key stakeholders, offering healthcare advocates a comprehensive resource hub in both French and English languages. Its goal is to provide the tools and resources needed to support advocacy for safe abortion care, contributing to the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity.

The #IAmSAFE campaign represents a critical leap forward in the collective efforts undertaken by these societies to ensure accessible, safe abortion services in the sub-region and beyond. Its impact is expected to resonate with policymakers, healthcare providers, and women alike, ultimately contributing to the reduction of maternal mortality and morbidity.

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