Hajj 2024Healthy Hajj Journey: UAE Healthcare on Board for Departing Pilgrims

Healthy Hajj Journey: UAE Healthcare on Board for Departing Pilgrims

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UAE- June 2024- The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP), in collaboration with key partners, accompanies Hajj pilgrims at Dubai International Airport and Sharjah International Airport, to provide free medical examinations and detailed health advice to ensure a safe and healthy pilgrimage.

A specialized health education team is deployed to support pilgrims during travel, and throughout the Hajj journey, reflecting the Ministry’s commitment to the health and safety of the pilgrims.

Safe, Healthy Hajj Campaign

The move comes as part of the “Safe, Healthy Hajj” campaign, a unified communication awareness initiative launched for this year’s hajj. The campaign is organised in partnership with the Emirates Health Services, Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, Dubai Health Authority, and Dubai Health. The campaign aims to protect pilgrims from health issues and safeguard the community from communicable diseases.

MoHAP emphasized that the safety and health of pilgrims remain a top priority, ensuring a journey filled with safety and tranquillity. “We are committed to enhancing pilgrims’ sense of support and care at every stage of their pilgrimage. The Ministry urges all pilgrims to adhere to health guidelines and to communicate with medical teams for any inquiries or health concerns.”

Coordinating with partners

HE Dr Hussain Abdul Rahman Al Rand, Assistant Undersecretary for the Public Health Sector, stressed that the awareness campaign during the Hajj season is one of the most important programmes on the Ministry’s agenda. It is part of MoHAP’s efforts to protect the health of pilgrims and society from diseases, ensuring that the country’s pilgrims receive excellent care and services to maintain their health and prevent diseases.

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MoHAP team’s responsibilities include ensuring that pilgrims receive essential vaccinations to guard against infectious diseases. They will also perform medical examinations, focusing on conditions like hypertension and diabetes, particularly for individuals with chronic diseases, the elderly, and pregnant women. Additionally, the team will distribute a health guidebook to pilgrims and disseminate educational videos on social media to equip pilgrims with the information needed to preserve their health and safety while performing their rituals.

Collective action

HE Dr Essam Al Zarooni, Acting Executive Director of the Medical Services Sector at EHS, emphasized that ensuring the safety and health of pilgrims is a top priority, highlighting the importance of collaboration among various stakeholders to ensure a safe pilgrimage for everyone involved.

Dr Al Zarooni added that EHS is committed to supporting pilgrims before, during, and after the Hajj by providing essential vaccinations, supplying doctors and nurses with necessary medicines, and monitoring the health of pilgrims even after their return. He expressed hope that the “Safe and Healthy Hajj” campaign would allow pilgrims to perform their Hajj with complete safety, health, and security.

Ensuring the health of pilgrims

“We highly appreciate the ongoing efforts made by the Ministry of Health and Prevention and other health authorities in protecting the health of pilgrims and ensuring community safety,” stated Dr Ayesha Al Basti, Consultant Physician and Medical Director of Airport Health Centres. “It is a privilege for Dubai Health to be part of this initiative, which supports our vision of improving human health and our commitment to offering high-quality medical services. We wish all the country’s pilgrims good health and safety as they perform the Hajj.”

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