Lead“Fall in Beauty”: A multi-brand skincare store launched in Dubai

“Fall in Beauty”: A multi-brand skincare store launched in Dubai

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Dubai, UAE, March 2024: INDEX Trading and Investment announces today its strategic partnership with the Global Trade Development Agency (GTDA) from Korea at the Dubai World Trade Center within Dubai Derma 2024, heralding a new era in the skincare industry across Dubai and the MENA region. This collaboration aims to introduce innovative and high-quality South Korean beauty and skincare products to diverse markets, capitalizing on INDEX Trading and Investment’s regional expertise and GTDA’s proficiency in sourcing premium skincare solutions.

In response to the growing demand for online beauty shopping in Dubai, this partnership is poised to meet the needs of customers valuing quick delivery, natural products, and sustainable solutions. As the global e-commerce market continues to expand, especially in the skincare and wellness segment, local brands are seeking opportunities to reach their target audience. This collaboration between INDEX Trading and GTDA is poised to transform the region’s e-commerce landscape.

Mr. Joo Taek Youn, the Chairman of The Global Trade Development Agency (GTDA), was present at the signing ceremony.

The South Korean products launched as part of this partnership adhere to strict sustainability criteria, demonstrating a dedicated commitment to organic products aligned with sustainability principles. Through this agreement, INDEX Trading and GTDA aim to introduce a new brand concept featuring skincare brands from around the world to the UAE for business-to-consumer B2C sales, with plans to include diverse brands from South Korea in the future. Recognizing the high demand for South Korean skincare brands in the region, the focus is not only on spotlighting skincare beauty but also on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly brands.

Eng. Anas AlMadani, Vice Chairman and Group CEO of INDEX Holding, stated: “This collaboration signifies a pivotal moment in bridging cultures and delivering top-tier skincare offerings to consumers. By combining forces, INDEX Trading and Investment and GTDA are poised to elevate the skincare landscape, bringing forth a new era of beauty and wellness that transcends borders and celebrates the diversity of skincare solutions available to consumers. Our commitment at INDEX lies always in fostering a dynamic environment that welcomes and nurtures foreign businesses, ensuring the UAE remains a beacon for global innovation and investment.”

Moreover, it has been reported that South Korean beauty and skincare are two of the country’s biggest businesses and exports. As the world’s third-largest cosmetics exporter, South Korea’s cosmetics exports outperformed home appliances, pharmaceuticals, and smartphones in recent years. Data also suggests that South Korea’s skincare market will reach $11.4 billion in value by 2026.

Eng. Anas added, “Our vision is to create the first online store that will help thousands of brands scale up in the region and offer quick delivery. Therefore, we’re excited to announce our partnership with a sustainable and natural cosmetics brand. It means UAE residents will have access to more unique high-end brands from all over the world. We aim to revolutionize the skincare industry in Dubai and the wider MENA region. Our partnership signifies our shared commitment to offering customers high-quality, innovative, and sustainable skincare solutions that meet their evolving needs and preferences. Additionally, our consumers will have better access to our products from our “Fall in Beauty” stores that will be launched soon in different locations within the UAE and abroad.”

Rising consumer demand for ethically produced cosmetic products continues to climb to dizzying heights in 2024.

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