LeadPioneering Cancer Care: Innovations and Excellence at the Fatima bint Mubarak Center

Pioneering Cancer Care: Innovations and Excellence at the Fatima bint Mubarak Center

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UAE- March 2024- Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, part of the M42 network, proudly announces that the Fatima bint Mubarak Center has received the highly coveted Joint Commission International (JCI) three-year accreditation. This recognition, which is an extension of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi’s accreditation, reinforces the center’s commitment to excellence in healthcare and elevates its status as a pioneer in cutting-edge cancer care in the UAE and wider region.

“A concerted focus on innovation and excellence has consistently reinforced our efforts at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, in line with our mission to remain a globally recognized destination for world-class complex care. In 2023, we launched the Fatima bint Mubarak Center, a first-of-its-kind dedicated, integrated and standalone facility to transform cancer care close to home for patients in the UAE and the region. Since then, the center – which spans 19,000 square meters and draws on the expertise of an expert team of 150 nurses, physicians, and radiologists – has prioritized research and innovation, offering cutting-edge solutions enabled by technology toward our pursuit of the highest levels of personalized, precision cancer care for each patient,” Dr. Stephen Grobmyer, Chair of the Oncology Institute of Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi said.

Among the technological innovations introduced by the center is Ethos adaptive radiotherapy, a system that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to adapt a patient’s radiation therapy plan in real-time, and in line with daily changes in the patient’s anatomy and cancer status. The revolutionary process significantly decreases the time required for treatment, while also reducing exposure to radiation in comparison to traditional radiation therapies. The Fatima bint Mubarak Center primarily uses it for patients afflicted by pelvic, abdominal, bladder, and prostate cancers.

Radioembolization, a minimally invasive treatment also known as TARE-Y90 therapy after the name of the radioactive material used in the technique. It is also employed by caregivers to prolong survival and improve quality of life for patients with liver cancer. During the procedure, medical professionals inject tiny radioactive beads or microspheres into vessels that supply blood to the cancer cells in the liver. The microspheres emit targeted radiation to destroy the tumor cells without affecting healthy tissue in the vicinity. Because of its targeted nature, this treatment is proving to be particularly beneficial for patients with metastatic disease in which the cancer has spread to other parts of the body and is therefore inoperable.

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The Fatima bint Mubarak Center houses a chemotherapy robot to ensure safety for caregivers and patients. The robot uses an automated compounding process to accurately and safely prepare patient-specific doses of hazardous therapies, which in turn boosts pharmacy efficiency, reduces operating costs, automates record-keeping and inventory management, and improves nursing confidence.

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