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Egypt’s EHA and TURAP Collaborate to Boost Medical Tourism and Healthcare Investments

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In a significant development, Egypt Healthcare Authority’s Chairman, Ahmed ElSobky, and the President of Turkish-Arab Countries Business Association (TÜRAP), Sabuhi Attar, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on August 17th. This collaboration aims to boost medical tourism and promote healthcare investment opportunities between Egypt and Türkiye.

Enhancing Egypt’s Position in Medical Tourism

This partnership holds the potential to be a game-changer for both countries and the broader Arab region. It seeks to strengthen the ties between Egypt and Türkiye’s healthcare sectors, ultimately benefiting international citizens seeking high-quality medical services.

One of the primary objectives of this MoU is to enhance Egypt’s position in the field of medical tourism. Chairman Ahmed ElSobky, under the EHA’s leadership, envisions tapping into the potential of this partnership to gain access to 29 Arab countries. This strategic move will open doors for Egyptian healthcare institutions to serve a wider international clientele, thus contributing to Egypt’s prominence as a medical tourism destination.

Promoting Healthcare Investments

Beyond boosting medical tourism, the MoU also emphasizes the importance of healthcare investments. Egypt and Türkiye are committed to fostering opportunities for investment in healthcare, which will have a far-reaching impact on their respective economies. By attracting investments in healthcare infrastructure, technology, and services, both countries aim to enhance the overall quality and accessibility of healthcare.

Fueling Economic Growth through Healthcare

Chairman Ahmed ElSobky highlights that this collaboration will not only elevate healthcare standards but also play a pivotal role in fueling economic growth. As the healthcare sector flourishes, it generates employment opportunities and significantly contributes to the overall economic well-being of the nations involved.

Announcement at the Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum

This groundbreaking partnership was announced during the three-day Turkish-Arab Cooperation Forum held in Istanbul on August 16th. The forum served as a platform for discussions and collaborations across various sectors, emphasizing the strong ties between Türkiye and Arab countries.


In conclusion, the MoU between Egypt’s EHA and TÜRAP represents a significant stride in the realm of healthcare collaboration and investment, aiming to boost medical tourism and make Egypt a global healthcare hub. This initiative reinforces the commitment of both nations to provide world-class healthcare services to international citizens while fostering economic growth through healthcare investments.

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