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Dubai Municipality’s Vigilant Campaign Ensures Safety in Men’s Salons

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Dubai: Since September 2023, Dubai Municipality has initiated an extensive monitoring campaign aimed at strengthening health and safety standards in men’s salons and beauty centers throughout the emirate. The campaign’s core objective is to assess the salons’ adherence to health and safety standards, highlighting the importance of maintaining cleanliness, using quality products, and following stringent sanitization procedures.
This campaign seamlessly aligns with Dubai Municipality’s overarching goals of proactive public health protection and the promotion of the highest professional safety standards. The results of the campaign have been nothing short of remarkable, with an impressive commitment rate of nearly 90%. This rate reflects the widespread adoption of health and safety control measures within various institutions, including men’s salons, driven by regular follow-up visits and informative workshops for salon staff.

Education to Saloon Employees

These workshops aim to educate salon employees about essential health and safety standards, including proper instrument sanitization and disinfection, ultimately reducing the risk of disease transmission. Also, Over the past few months, the campaign has extended its reach to cover 566 salons in 47 different areas of Dubai, ensuring strict adherence to international regulations and best practices.

Dubai Municipality emphasizes the critical role of cleanliness, appropriate sterilization, and the availability of single-use tools in men’s salons.

Furthermore, the municipality commits to extending this campaign’s coverage to evaluate all 2,965 men’s salons across the emirate. To reinforce these efforts, Dubai Municipality encourages community members to actively report any malpractices they encounter, fostering a collaborative approach to enhance the emirate’s safety standards.

How to Connect

To facilitate this, residents can utilize Dubai Municipality’s official communication channels, including the Municipality’s Call Center (800900), which operates 24/7, responding to inquiries and feedback. Smart apps offered by Dubai Municipality also provide a platform for community members to submit relevant information.

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This campaign manifested Dubai Municipality’s continuous dedication to upholding the highest health and safety standards, supporting its ongoing commitment to regulations and best practices. Such endeavors collectively contribute to elevating Dubai’s stature as a premier global city known for its rigorous health and safety protocols.

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