Events - Exclusive Event CoverageDHA showcases its pharmaceutical services at DUPHAT 2024

DHA showcases its pharmaceutical services at DUPHAT 2024

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Dubai, UAE- January 2024- During its participation in the Dubai International Pharmaceutical and Technology Conference and Exhibition (DUPHAT 2024), the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) showcased its integrated system for managing pharmaceutical services in the Emirate. The authority also highlighted ways in which it supports and develops this vital field in line with international standards to bolster the pharmaceutical services of the Emirate.

DHA’s participation in this three-day conference at the Dubai World Trade Centre highlights its projects, initiatives, policies, and services:

  • Licensing and inspecting pharmacies.
  • Drug control
  • Delivery of medicines to patients in need
  • Governance of medicines related to transportation, disposal, and purchase of emergency medicines and
  • Reviewing policies, procedures, and standards that ensure medication safety and accessibility of medicines to patients promptly.

Dr. Marwan Al Mulla, CEO of the Health Regulation Sector at the DHA, emphasised the significance of the Authority’s participation in this specialized conference to stay abreast with the latest developments, technologies, and intelligent solutions. He highlighted the importance of leveraging these advancements to benefit and serve patients in the emirate. Furthermore, he discussed the services and projects implemented by the Authority to establish an effective, sustainable, and integrated health system that caters to the needs of pharmaceutical service providers and patients in general.

Dr. Al Mulla underlined DHA’s strong focus on the development of the pharmaceutical sector in the emirate, aiming to enhance its capabilities, infrastructure, and regulatory framework while ensuring effective monitoring. He also noted that currently there are 1,473 licensed pharmacies in Dubai, along with 120 medical facilities that provide e-pharmacy services to patients.

During DUPHAT, DHA will showcase the “Drug Delivery Licenses” service, which is accessible through the facility’s registered account on DHA’s “Sheryan” electronic system. This service pertains to the delivery of over-the-counter medicines and general pharmaceutical products, in adherence with the Authority’s standards.

The provision of the e-pharmacy service is adapted for prescription medicines through electronic systems owned by health facilities, following audits by the Smart Informatics and Drug Control Departments at DHA.

Governance of pharmaceutical operations

Dr. Al Mulla mentioned that DHA is highlighting its procedures concerning the governance of medicines, the transportation of drugs, the disposal of expired medications, and the procurement of emergency medicines at the conference. He referred to the Unified National Platform for Medicine Monitoring, where the prescribing and dispensing of controlled, semi-controlled, and narcotic drugs are facilitated through this electronic system of the Ministry of Interior. This system links all patient prescription data in the Emirate of Dubai and other emirates, and the Drug Control Department of the Dubai Health Authority periodically checks the compliance of health facilities and professionals with the prescribing and dispensing processes.

The DHA also reviews a set of policies and guidelines, including the “Pharmacy Guidelines,” to ensure that health facilities providing pharmaceutical services comply with federal laws and local regulations issued by the Authority. These regulations serve as a reference for the application of best pharmaceutical practices, ensuring the quality and safety of pharmaceutical services provided to patients and the public in the Emirate of Dubai.

Furthermore, the Authority will review “Best Practices in Immunization Guidelines,” based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization for immunization, the Immunization Guidelines in the United Kingdom, and the scientific references for the best international practices of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for the year 2023. These guidelines are intended to assist healthcare providers in Dubai in achieving effective management of immunization services in health facilities and ensuring their availability to all segments of society.

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The guidelines also assist health facilities in adopting effective protocols to ensure positive immunization coverage for community members and raise awareness of the importance of vaccination to reduce the effects of vaccine-preventable diseases. This plays a crucial role in promoting public health and preventing the spread of infectious diseases within the community.

Moreover, the ‘Emergency Medicines Policy,’ showcased at DUPHAT 2024, outlines updates related to emergency medicines, procurement processes, and the list of emergency medicines required for each category of healthcare facilities in the emirate. This policy serves as a critical tool for ensuring that healthcare facilities are well-equipped to handle emergencies and that they provide timely and effective care to patients in need of emergency medication.

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