InterviewsDriving Change: Cognizant’s Vision for Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation

Driving Change: Cognizant’s Vision for Data-Driven Healthcare Transformation

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Digital transformation is driving a revolution in the healthcare industry. This entails incorporating innovative technologies into every aspect of the healthcare system, from patient interactions to back-end operations. A key component of this transition is data analytics, which enables healthcare professionals to make better decisions, more individualized care, and operational efficiency by utilizing the massive amounts of data they gather.

In addition to data analytics, certain industry-specific technological services are starting to appear, like wearables, telemedicine, and artificial intelligence. These developments have the potential to improve patient involvement, improve the effectiveness of preventative treatment, and ultimately change the way healthcare is provided.

In light of this latest positive development, MedEdge MEA spoke with Rawan Al Jayyousi, Senior Director of Healthcare Practice for the Middle East at Cognizant, for a brief conversation. Cognizant is a leading global Technology company. As one of the biggest international providers of professional services, it helps customers modernize technology, rethink workflows, and create new experiences to help organizations stay competitive in an ever-evolving environment. Together, everyday life is improved.

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MedEdge MEA: How is Cognizant performing in the healthcare sector?

Rawan Al Jayyousi: Cognizant is a prominent player in the healthcare sector. We provide a range of services but are mainly known for digital transformation, data analytics, and other industry-specific technology services that are specific for payors, life sciences, and the healthcare industry.

MedEdge: What are Cognizant’s latest advancements in the healthcare sector?

Rawan: With the introduction of GenAI, Cognizant has developed 100s of use cases of which some where implemented across Europe and North America to support clinical decisions and regulatory intervention. The assets developed to enable our clients to understand their data and derive insights have shown to be of great value. We look into replicating this success in the region. At Cognizant we continue to enhance and improve our payor platform Trizetto which has been a partner for many of our clients across Europe and North America.

MedEdge: How can Cognizant integrate telehealth, AI, and wearables into its healthcare solutions?

Rawan: With the increase of wearables usage across a diverse demographical range makes it even more important to incorporate as part of healthcare solutions. These devices collect a vast amount of real-time data such as vital signs, sleep patterns, activity, and more which enables care providers to monitor patients remotely and intervene when necessary.  Having the ability to monitor key parameters continuously has also enabled patients to detect health issues early. Using telehealth solutions patients can consult and track care progress from the comfort of their homes.

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Cognizant supports the integrated ecosystem by providing data interoperability solutions, and applications carefully designed and developed with our design and engineering teams.

MedEdge: Share one memorable story in the context of public health

Rawan: In my 16 years of healthcare consulting, I have to say that working with Public Health was probably the most self-rewarding. The beauty of the healthcare industry is knowing that the solution you design, build, and implement is to enhance the well-being of your community. However, Public Health gives you an edge in knowing that you are directly impacting people of your community to reduce chances of communicable or non-communicable disease by early detection and intervention. Working with the public health teams during COVID made it evident that there is a lot of need to focus on the future of public health and in the region we are definitely on the right track but yet have a long journey in front of us.

MedEdge: Describe your leadership style for promoting collaboration within Cognizant and with external partners

Rawan: As a global provider for technology solutions our success is dependent on strong collaboration and partnerships. We are proud of our success in different key industries which are all based on partnerships including healthcare, life sciences and government services. Co-creating with our partners ensures that we can provide our clients and community with more sustainable solutions that address the main issues and benefit their customers/patients.

Having the ability to monitor key parameters continuously has also enabled patients to detect health issues early. Using telehealth solutions patients can consult and track care progress from the comfort of their homes.

In conclusion, Cognizant is at the vanguard of a significant digital innovation-driven revolution in the healthcare sector. Cognizant is transforming patient care and operational efficiency in key topics like telehealth, the use of Generative AI in patient care, genomics and personalized care programs. The perspectives of Rawan Al Jayyousi highlights how important data analytics and cooperative relationships will be determining the direction of healthcare in the future. The dedication to public health highlights the significance of technology in enhancing community well-being as we manage issues like COVID-19. Cognizant is committed to driving good change in healthcare by focusing on innovation and collaboration, ultimately improving results and enriching lives.

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