LeadAn exciting new collaboration in the Healthcare Sector

An exciting new collaboration in the Healthcare Sector

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Dubai, UAE- December 2023- Alliance Global FZ LLC (AGBL), one of the top biomedical gateways in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, announced an exclusive partnership with Hatsuno Kiseki, a forerunner in postbiotic wellness. This partnership marks an important breaking point, intending to make Hatsuno Kiseki’s innovative postbiotic products more widely available across the Gulf region, South Asia, Levant region, and North, West, and East Africa.

Hatsuno Kiseki is well known for its commitment to improving wellness through postbiotic innovations. Postbiotics, derived from probiotic fermentation, offer numerous health benefits, supporting gut health, immune modulation, and overall well-being.

The collaboration makes application to Hatsuno Kiseki’s innovative postbiotic formulations, known for their quality and effectiveness, combined with AGBL’s extensive distribution network and market expertise. With a shared goal of enriching the well-being landscape, the aim is to provide access to contemporary postbiotic solutions that elevate health outcomes.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

1. Enhanced Accessibility: AGBL will exclusively distribute Hatsuno Kiseki’s comprehensive range of postbiotic products, ensuring wider availability and access to innovative wellness solutions.

2. Shared Vision: Hatsuno Kiseki and AGBL align in their commitment to improving health outcomes. This collaboration seeks to empower healthcare providers with advanced postbiotic solutions for the benefit of individuals seeking trending wellness.

3. Efficient Distribution: Leveraging AGBL’s established distribution network, Hatsuno Kiseki’s postbiotic formulations will seamlessly reach healthcare institutions. This efficiency promises a more responsive and effective approach to meeting wellness needs.

Mark Soo, CEO of Hatsuno Kiseki, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “Our partnership with AGBL marks not only a game-changing partnership but also a major stride in the direction of providing people in the designated areas with access to state-of-the-art postbiotic technology. The idea of working with AGBL, whose goals perfectly complement the ground-breaking potential of Hatsuno Kiseki postbiotics, excites us.’’

Fady Al Assaly, AGBL Group Vice President of Sales, expressed, “We are thrilled about this partnership as AGBL’s mission seamlessly aligns with the transformative potential of Hatsuno Kiseki postbiotics, ensuring a commitment to open up a new chapter in bringing groundbreaking postbiotic technology to uplift well-being of the individuals across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia and to contribute to a healthier world.”

The Hatsuno Kiseki and AGBL partnership promises a brighter future for postbiotic wellness in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, a considerable step in the direction of encouraging healthier lives and providing forefront solutions to healthcare professionals.

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