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AES Clean Technology sets new standards for cleanliness and efficiency in cleanrooms

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Pennsylvania- April, 2024- AES Clean Technology, a leading provider of high-performance cleanroom facilities, has launched its CleanLock Module™. This revolutionary airlock solution enhances cleanliness, speed, and efficiency in cleanroom project execution.

Engineered to minimize the risk of contamination in cleanroom environments, the CleanLock Module™ integrates AES’ proprietary cleanroom finishes, patented lighting, predictable airflow patterns, and advanced door controls to create a highly controlled environment that can be seamlessly integrated into any facility without delay. It offers a secure transition for people and materials entering and exiting cleanroom environments.

We are thrilled to introduce the CleanLock Module™ airlock to the market,” said Grant Merrill, Chief Commercial Officer. “This product addresses the critical need for maintaining ultra-clean environments in industries such as pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and medical device manufacturing. With its state-of-the-art technology and precision engineering, the CleanLock Module™ will set a new standard for contamination control and efficiency in design and construction execution.”

As part of AES’ commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions, the CleanLock Module™ joins a series of ground-breaking cleanroom products. Its innovative 3-dimensional design modularizes these intensely coordinated and repeatable segments of any cleanroom project to accelerate installation, maximize quality, improve site safety, and deliver predictable performance – all in a single packaged solution.

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With a rich history in developing and manufacturing high-quality cleanroom equipment, AES continues to push boundaries with the CleanLock Module™.

Furthermore, AES invites attendees of INTERPHEX 2024 to experience the future of contamination control firsthand. Visit our booth 2509 to learn more about the CleanLock ModuleTM or visit our website here and explore our comprehensive range of cleanroom solutions.

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