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Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre Launches “Maternal and Child Health” Campaign to Enhance Community Health

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The Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre, under the umbrella of the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi, has joined forces with maternity and children’s hospitals in Abu Dhabi to launch a comprehensive campaign focused on raising community awareness regarding critical public health aspects related to the well-being of pregnant women and children in the emirate.

Part of the broader “Maternal and Child Health” initiative, this campaign underscores the visionary leadership’s unwavering commitment to continuous progress and the delivery of best practices that align with the needs of Emirati women.

Aims of the Program

The program aims to enhance the health of newborns, mothers, and families throughout Abu Dhabi by bolstering community health and establishing a robust and sustainable healthcare system. It also seeks to create supportive policies and programs while adopting evidence-based preventive strategies. Key objectives include increasing community awareness about the significance of adopting healthy habits during pregnancy and the importance of regular check-ups for expectant mothers and children.

Dr. Omniyat Al Hajeri, Executive Director of the Community Health Sector, emphasized, “The health and quality of life of mothers and children are non-negotiable priorities. Early healthcare interventions profoundly impact both, influencing outcomes throughout their lives. Substantial evidence suggests that healthcare and nutritional interventions during the prenatal and early childhood phases significantly affect women’s health across all life stages.”

Key Components of “Maternal and Child Health”

The “Maternal and Child Health” program encompasses a range of preventive initiatives and routine screenings carried out in partnership with maternity and children’s hospitals in Abu Dhabi. It seeks to raise awareness about the importance of preventive screenings and the necessity of regular prenatal and childhood check-ups to ensure the well-being of both mother and child while facilitating early detection of potential health issues requiring timely interventions.

Abu Dhabi mandates newborn screenings adhering to the defined health standards set by the Department of Health – Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre. These screenings encompass comprehensive physical examinations, genetic heart disease screenings, hearing tests, heel prick tests, and, if needed, referral, evaluation, and counseling to address any identified health concerns.

All government and private healthcare facilities involved in childbirth are committed to implementing newborn screening protocols. They ensure early treatment and ongoing monitoring to mitigate physical and mental disabilities, ultimately reducing mortality rates. These screenings serve as vital tools to detect growth disorders, genetic diseases, or metabolic disorders, enabling healthcare specialists to take necessary measures promptly.

In 2022, 36,542 newborns in Abu Dhabi underwent these critical screenings. Among them, 2,458 cases of postnatal diseases with symptoms and signs were identified, including genetic, metabolic, and blood-related disorders that could significantly impact a child’s long-term health and development.

In addition to screenings, Abu Dhabi offers a comprehensive educational program targeting women and families, emphasizing the importance of holistic healthcare for mothers and children. This initiative aims to raise awareness about preventive screenings, health counseling during and after pregnancy, and the promotion of healthy behaviors. It also plays a pivotal role in shaping public health policies and advancing best practices within the maternal and child health domain.

A Healthy and Sustainable Future

This groundbreaking initiative aspires to create a society marked by health and sustainability. It envisions women as strong and healthy partners and children growing and thriving in robust health. Above all, it underscores the leadership’s unwavering commitment to advancing the healthcare sector and elevating the standard of healthcare services provided in Abu Dhabi.

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