Humanitarian Aid“Without a ceasefire, there is no peace. And without peace, there is...

“Without a ceasefire, there is no peace. And without peace, there is no health.”- Dr Tedros Adhanom

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Gaza, Palestine- The World Health Organization’s (WHO) Executive Board convened a special session in Geneva, reaching a consensus on a resolution aimed at tackling the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip.
Significantly, the UN system unanimously adopted a resolution on the conflict, marking the first time since October 7.

Moreover, The resolution stressed the universal priority of health in all circumstances, emphasizing the important role of healthcare and humanitarian efforts in promoting peace, even in the most challenging situations. Among its key points, the resolution urgently calls for the “immediate, sustained and unimpeded passage of humanitarian relief, including the access of medical personnel.”

Importantly, it urges all parties involved to fulfill their obligations under international law and points out compliance with international humanitarian law related to the protection of civilians and medical personnel in armed conflict situations.

Acknowledging the commendable efforts on the ground, the resolution lauds WHO and health cluster partners for their continuous presence and commitment to delivering essential services. In a recent example of resilience, on December 9, WHO and partners managed to provide supplies for up to 1500 patients and facilitated the transfer of patients from the Al-Ahli Hospital in the north to a facility in the south, overcoming formidable challenges.

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However, Throughout the day, Member States expressed condolences for the loss of civilian lives, health workers, and UN employees, including WHO colleague Dima Alhaj.

In his closing remarks, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said the adoption of the resolution was a starting point. “It does not resolve the crisis. But it is a platform on which to build.” He added that “Without a ceasefire, there is no peace. And without peace, there is no health. I urge all Member States, especially those with the most influence, to work with urgency to bring an end to this conflict as soon as possible.”

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