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Dr. Yahya Al Kalbani

Dr. Yahya Al Kalbani stands at the forefront of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, bringing a wealth of expertise and dedication to advancing mental health care for young individuals. With a comprehensive educational background, including a Clinical Fellowship at the University of Toronto and specialized certifications from esteemed institutions, Dr. Al Kalbani has honed his skills to provide unparalleled care.

Currently serving as the Head of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department at Al Masara Hospital under the Ministry of Health, Dr. Al Kalbani leads a dynamic team in assessing and treating youths with various psychiatric and developmental challenges. Notably, he initiated the establishment of two neurodevelopmental-ADHD clinics, showcasing his commitment to expanding access to specialized care.

Dr. Al Kalbani’s contributions extend beyond clinical practice; he actively engages in research efforts, examining trends in prescribing medication for the geriatric population, and participates in committees focused on patient safety and drug therapy. Furthermore, his role as an Educational Supervisor and Psychiatry Trainer highlights his dedication to shaping the next generation of mental health professionals.

Bringing a holistic approach to his work, Dr. Al Kalbani combines clinical knowledge with a passion for education and research, having gained experience from prestigious institutions including the University of Toronto and the Oman Medical Specialty Board. His commitment to de-stigmatizing mental health concerns and promoting an informed society is demonstrated by his participation in public awareness initiatives and local media.