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Soom Lite Empowers Companies with Wellness Talks

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Dubai, UAE- December 2023- Soom Lite, the UAE’s standout vegan GLP1 fruit drink, is making a positive impact on preventive healthcare by offering free corporate wellness talks during Diabetes Awareness Month. These talks aim to educate companies and their employees about sugar spikes, diabetes, and mindful eating.

Soom Lite, a collaborative effort between the UAE’s International Beverage and Filling Industries (IBFI) and experts from Imperial College London and Oxford, has gained international acclaim for its innovative approach to promoting a healthy lifestyle.

The recent winner of an international award, Soom Lite, known for its low-calorie content and diverse flavors like orange, guava, and multi-fruit, sold out in Dubai within three weeks of its debut. The drink proudly carries the Emirates Quality Mark and Made in UAE logo, reflecting its commitment to quality.

The secret behind Soom Lite’s success lies in its EFSA-backed Japanese plant fiber, which effectively curbs sugar spikes when consumed with meals. This natural solution helps in preventing chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes linked to sugar spikes.

Soom Lite stands out in a world where eating current food choices frequently causes undetected sugar spikes and associated discomfort since it contains naturally occurring viscous plant fiber. Recognized by the World Society of Anti-Ageing Medicine, Soom Lite offers a practical and delicious solution for health-conscious individuals, allowing consumption up to six times a day.

Furthermore, Soom Lite’s corporate wellness talks come as a part of its commitment to community well-being, aiming to empower companies and individuals with knowledge about mindful food consumption and the risks associated with sugar spikes. As Soom Lite continues to gain popularity in preventive healthcare, it remains dedicated to promoting health-conscious communities through accessible education and a tasty, healthful alternative.

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