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Promoting Green Healthcare: PureHealth Joins Global Climate Action

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Abu Dhabi, UAE- PureHealth, the region’s leading healthcare provider, has joined the Race to Zero Initiative, a global climate action alliance committed to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. This bold step positions PureHealth as a sustainability pioneer in the healthcare sector, setting a new standard for eco-friendly healthcare practices.

PureHealth isn’t merely making pledges; they’re taking concrete action. As of September 2022, the campaign boasts an impressive coalition, uniting 11,309 non-state actors. Within this conglomerate, the numbers speak to its influence: 8,307 companies, 595 financial institutions, 1,136 cities, 52 states, and regions, as well as 1,125 educational institutions and 65 healthcare establishments, painting a vivid picture of its global impact.

The company has set ambitious goals to halve its carbon footprint by 2030 and completely switch to renewable energy sources by 2027. To achieve these targets, PureHealth is embracing contemporary solutions like AI-powered patient management, remote monitoring technology, and even wearable health trackers. These advancements not only improve patient care but also contribute to a greener healthcare ecosystem.

Farhan Malik, Managing Director, and Group Chief Executive Officer of PureHealth, said: “Accelerating climate action is central to our strategy, recognizing the impact of climate change on people’s health and promoting a new model of care through sustainable digital methods. As the largest healthcare group in the region, our significant move to align goals with the Race to Zero will amplify decarbonization efforts and act as a catalyst for others to follow suit.’’

HE Razan Al Mubarak, UN High-Level Climate Champion for COP28, said: “The High-Level Champions are thrilled to welcome PureHealth to Race to Zero. By joining the initiative and making their ambitious commitments, PureHealth is stepping up as a leader and beacon to inspire the healthcare sector in the UAE and the Middle East to join their journey towards a net zero and resilient future.”

PureHealth’s commitment to Race to Zero marks a benchmark in the region’s sustainability efforts. By integrating environmental responsibility into its core values and implementing practical solutions, PureHealth is setting a new standard for the healthcare industry, both regionally and globally. Their leadership encourages others to follow suit, facilitating a healthier planet and healthier people for all.

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This move not only benefits the environment but also proves good for business. By reducing their carbon footprint, PureHealth is saving on energy costs, while attracting patients and employees who care about environmental responsibility.

PureHealth’s leadership in sustainability is making a tangible difference in the world. By displaying the possibility of balancing profitability with environmental protection, they’re inspiring a greener future for healthcare, and ultimately, for our planet.

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