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Ministry of Health-Saudi Arabia Launches School Bullying Awareness Campaign

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Ministry of Health – وزارة الصحة السعودية (MOH) in Saudi Arabia has launched an awareness campaign to combat school #bullying, focusing on improving students’ mental health and reducing bullying incidents. The campaign’s objectives include educating students about the various forms of bullying, its effects, and effective coping strategies. It also emphasizes the vital role of parents and families in recognizing and addressing bullying.

MOH highlights key indicators of bullying, such as physical injuries, declining academic performance, mood swings, anxiety, and changes in eating habits. Prevention measures underscore the importance of awareness, educating students about bullying, and involving parents in monitoring their child’s behavior and teaching them how to respond to bullying.

Students are encouraged not to remain silent but to communicate with trusted individuals and adopt strategies like ignoring bullies, staying away from them, and not engaging alone with them.

The campaign also urges educators and school leaders in #saudiarabia to involve #students and #parents in anti-bullying efforts, emphasize the unacceptability of bullying, and teach positive behaviors and response skills. This initiative seeks to combat all forms of bullying and promote the psychological and educational well-being of students in Saudi Arabia.

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